10 celebrities that you didn't know were avid gamers

#8 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis who is well known for movies like “Black Swann” and “Ted” is a gamer and likes to play all sort of video games. She is a great fan of “Call of Duty”.

At the Comic Con 2012 she admitted that she was very much involved in the game “World of Warcraft” that she needed to quit “cold turkey”, but later on she rebounded by playing Call of Duty which made her more closer to the gaming world.

She also stated that “COD is like really REALLY fun! Once you get through Call of Duty’s first person, then you unlock the Nazi zombies and your whole purpose becomes just to kill these Nazi zombies and you know, you kill them a lot! You board up the windows and you kill zombies and maybe I’m not really good at it but that’s not for lack for trying!.”