10 most underrated gaming characters

most underrated gaming characters

Think about this. What would the world be without humans or animals? Now take that example, and apply it to the gaming world. What would a game be without its characters? It really wouldn’t be that entertaining, and wouldn’t provide as an “escape” from the real world. The value and/or importance of many video game characters has not been appreciated or highlighted by millions of people in the world. Now, let’s shine a little improtance on the 10 most underrated gaming characters which are listed below, in no particular order.

#10 Quina

most underrated gaming characters

Starring in Final Fantasy IX, Quina’s weapons are dinner forks. Quina doesn’t kill, Quina cooks the victims and eats them in one swallow. That’s right, ONE SWALLOW. Quina was never chosen to be a character, maybe because of the “brutality”. But honestly? Can you even find another character that devours their vicitms in a single swallow AND has dinner forks as their choice of weapon? I think not.

#9 Rikku

Make way for the incredibly intelligent engineer! Rikku is a character in Final Fantasy X and X-2. This is a girl who can destroy machines with her bare hands with one fast movement of her hands! To top it off, she does this without getting a single scratch on her beautiful body! Why would that come as a surprise? That’s because of the few articles of clothing that she wears on her body.

#8 Yunalesca

Starring in Final Fantasy X, this video game boss, has not one, not two, but THREE FORMS! How can anyone label her as underrated?! So, let’s just jump straight to her last form. This is her most deadly form. All she does is use one move, called Mega Death, and in one shot, yes, that’s right, ONE SHOT, you’ll be killed. Unless you’re still in zombie mode. How much more epic can that get?


most underrated gaming characters

Being a part of the Resident Evil series is not an easy task. And HUNK has proved that point. Although he is a side character, he is a marvellous one. Even when there have been major set backs and major rotations in the game, HUNK has made sure that he has his feet firmly stuck in the scenario of the game, and he has never diverted from his place, either.

#6 Kyle Hyde

The main man of Hotel Dusk : Room 215 and Last Window : The Secret of Cape West, Hyde is a man with many thoughts and images rotating in his head. Of course, he was once a cop, and who is now, a delivery man.

But wait! He’s guilty about betraying his previous partner, AND his questionning behaviour is one that gets him into more trouble than one can imagine. This seems like an interesting character to me!

#5 Monkey

From Enslaved: Odyssey To The West, Monkey is a character who is a more modern and human version of a Chinese character, Sun Wukong. Monkey is a character who has just run into some bad luck, when a girl [why is it that all problems in a game have to start with girls?] pushes Monkey into a world of mayhem, and horrible situations that he cannot avoid. Monkey stands his ground, and continues to show an important facet of his ; profoundness.

#4 Alan Wake

most underrated gaming characters

Alan Wake is easily an underrated character. His brilliant way to express himself, due to him being a writer, is mind-blowing. It just adds to the suspense of the game. A smart chap, Wake does what every main character in a game does: fights evil, with good.

Wake brings a sense of reailty to the table, unlike most gaming characters. He brings light to the somewhat harsh realities of life. in a way in which everyone can understand with complete ease.

#3 Isaac Clarke

Ah, yes. Bells are ringing! I’m talking about Clarke in Dead Space 2. When killing in video games, gamers don’t usually focus on the mental effects of murder on the character, because that hasn’t been built into the character itself. It was built into Clarke in DS 2.

It gives the game a more realistic essence. With more background to a character, it makes it easier to understand him/her. Additionally, Clarke was haunted by the ghost of the girlfriend who got murdered. This just added to the game, and made it more interesting.

#2 Cole Phelps

A remarkable character for a distinct game, LA Noire. It was heartbreaking when Phelps didn’t win the year-end award but Nathan Drake did. Phelps is original, and is without a doubt, a breath of fresh air. A man who served in the army for several years, turns into a brilliant detective.

Who wouldn’t want that in a game? Phelps is one among many, many characters in the gaming world who is admirable. Even when everything was against him, he never broke down, and he kept going. Now that’s motivation, for you.

#1 Father Grigori

most underrated gaming characters

Everyone remembers a game as legendary as Half Life 2. But honestly? How many of us truly remember Father Grigori? You may remember him just as a face in the crowd, but what truly sets him apart, is the fact that he helped Gordon Freeman through the end of Ravenholm.

That’s not it! He wiped out all the zombies that came in his way while he and Freeman were on their journey. He even allowed Freeman to gain acknowledgement for all the kills he made. If Father Grigori isn’t underrated, the I don’t know who is.

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