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Video Game News: 9 new things in Just Cause 4

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IGN have revealed through their IGN first coverage some exciting new features and footage about the highly anticipated Just Cause 4 which launches next month on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Without wasting any more time, let's dive deep into those new interesting stuff coming in Just Cause 4:

#1 New Grapple upgrades

The grappling hook has been one of the key features of the series since the beginning, and Just Cause 4 seems to rely on the same,

With new features, along with the existing ones, The grappling hook feels ever more powerful this time. Abilities, like applying Rocket boosters and airlifting balloons, are available from the start of the game.

#2 More Supply drops

Supply drops this time around in the game contains some crazy shit such as explosive field barrows and wind cannons, along with more vehicles, and other stuff.

#3 Extreme dynamic weathers

Dynamic weather system to create more chaos and mayhem for you is back from Just Cause 3 with even dangerous scenarios including sandstorms, blizzards but the most important and bigger of them all the island's gigantic Tornado which needless to say, looks absolutely gorgeous and yes, I saw it swallow an aeroplane in the game footage.

Now try escaping that huh.

#4 Secondary Fire

Now your weapons will have secondary mode as well. For what you might think? You guessed it right, to cause more mayhem. Now your sniper rifle will come along with a homing missile rifle. Who on earth can actually beat that combo?

Still, it will be interesting to see which weapon have what kind of secondary fire mode.


#5 Tougher enemies

Well since Rico is a buffed up destructive force, it is indeed natural that his enemies will be tougher and smarter too. They will react to your kind of playstyle and act accordingly.

#6 Exotic weapons

The game's legendary weapons also known as Exotic/ Experimental weapons, in this case, will be found in the major installations or so-called forts of the game.

#7 Multiple Biomes

Solace, Just Cause 4's fictional setting features multiple biomes, unlike in Just Cause 3 such as rainforests, deserts, snow-covered mountains as well as Pristine City life.

#8 Wind Currents

Swapping between your wingsuit and a parachute has always been confusing, but this time, certain areas in the game will feature strong wind currents, forcing you to use your wingsuit to survive.

#9 Vehicle functionalities

Every vehicle in the game has received an overhaul and designed the way just so that you use it to cause destruction.

For example-certain helicopters come with high powered magnets or some fighter jets that lets you retract their wings to gain extra speed.

Pretty cool right?

Just Cause 4 looks like the perfect sequel the series deserves and is currently scheduled to release on 4 December 2018.

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