Battlefield V: What is 'The Company'?

Battlefield V Poster
Battlefield V Poster
Shreyansh Katsura

DICE recently revealed a very interesting addition of a feature called "The Company" in its upcoming Battlefield V.

So what exactly is The Company? Well, let's get into it.

"The Company" as DICE describes is your ever growing arsenal or collection of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles which changes throughout your journey in Battlefield V. Whether it be The War Stories - the so-called single player campaign - or the wide variety of Multiplayer maps, the Company would accompany you everywhere.

Personally, it feels more like a feature right out of a Roleplaying game but even then it's good to see such a thing here.

All the time you spend in the game whether it be losing a Conquest match, your Company will always be constantly changing. You will be gaining new abilities and customization option for your soldiers, weapons and vehicles every time, meaning you will be progressing no matter what. Playing every mode will level up your Company.

In-game menu
In-game menu

The soldier you create can be customized in many different ways with the help of cosmetic items, different faces, distinct clothing and war paints. Building your own character, customizing their weapons and other arsenals will give you a tactical advantage, one which you didn't have before.

This is actually quite good, though DICE has been pretty vague about how things would actually work.

At launch, however, there will only be two multiplayer factions - The British and The Germans; you can create one Company from each of these factions.

Here's hoping there will be more options to choose from in the future updates.

Also, every achievement or accolade you get, it will be engraved in your Company and forever be there. So it's like everything you do with one faction, no matter how much you tweak them, it will forever be there. Pretty cool right? You will actually be creating your very own World War II story and memories.

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