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Video Game News:  SpellBreak, the magical BattleRoyal game is something you should be excited for

323   //    03 Nov 2018, 11:31 IST


Remember SpellBreak? The new magical Battle Royale game developed by Proletariat games, an independent developer most famous for making fast-paced Multiplayer games, the one I wrote about a few days earlier?

Well, SpellBreak's twitter account posted a brand new two minutes long pre-alpha footage of the game and I cannot hold my excitement.

Hyped enough? Well since now we have seen two minutes of the game running, there's a lot to take in of what the game is actually about and how it's different from other Battle Royale games.

#1 You can mix and match powers.

So at the beginning of the video, you notice the character is having an ice magic in her left hand and a fire magic in the right.

This is pretty much clear from above that you can mix two different magic and makes combos for devastating effects which Proletariat games themselves confirmed.

#2 Ability slots.

Since Proletariat describes SpellBreak as an RPG BattleRoyal game, there sure needed to be some key RPG features in it and there are three ability slots which you see in the footage above.


Now the first character has a firey hand assigned to the left which pretty much is a fire magic and an ice one in the right, and there's a third one in the centre which changes in the entire game. Seems like the player likes to keep flipping between different abilities.

Maybe there's a skill tree you can upgrade and assign accordingly?

#3 Different classes.

At halfway of the footage, we see an entirely different character getting invisible to gain a tactical advantage over its enemies.

Maybe there are specific skills assigned exclusively to a class because I do not see him using any particular ability to become invisible.

#4 Diablo style Loot system.


At one point, we see some "Uncommon" loot dropped on the floor indicating that indeed the game has loot system inspired by one of the famous MMO series- Diablo.

So it seems there will be a loot classification mainly-Uncommon, rare, Legend etc.

SpellBreak is still in pretty early stage of development and is currently scheduled to release somewhat in 2019.

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