Top 8 videogames based on cartoon characters


Games have always looked for a source to get inspired from. It may be movies, comics or even cartoons. The games based on cartoon are few in numbers but still they give what the players want. Over the years, there have been many games which were based on cartoon characters and proved to be a success and also went on to be a franchise of it’s own, for example, the Dragon Ball series. So here we are with the top 8 games based on cartoon characters:

#8 Pokemon

Theres no other game with which we would start our list with. We have been seeing this cartoon since our childhood and honestly, my love for Pikachu havent decreased. I still like Ash and want to train and capture new pokemons.

The game was first released on 1996,in Japan for theGame Boy, the main series ofRPGhas continued on each generation of Nintendo's handhelds. It is also the second best selling gaming franchise in the world, after the Mario series.

#7 X Men: The Last Stand

The game was based on the movie of the same name, and was released on the PlayStation 2 platform. The game featured almost all the characters from the X Men universe, and also gave a chance to the players to test the abilities of each one of them.

However, the story remained same to that of the movie, there was a little jeapordy in the gameplay. In order to make the players play each and every mutant, they messed up the gameplay a little. But still, the game was fun to play.

#6 Spiderman

I’m not talking about “The Amazing Spiderman”. That was based on the movie. This one is based on the cartoon which used to telecast on the television, and the one which everyone loved. The game was originally based on the characters from the comics only.

At that point playing the role of Spiderman was pretty exciting and was something new because you could crawl the walls. And the gameplay was also very good sicne it featured the actual villains from the comics with the original design and looks.

#5 Aladdin

When I was a child, and everytime I saw the Aladdin cartoon on the TV, I dreamt to play the game. And eventually my dream came true with the Aladdin’s game on the Windows 98 back then.

The platforming was really simple and you played the role of Aladdin who has to pass various obstacles and kill the enemies to save your damsel in distress. Aladdin won “Best Genesis Game of the Year” in 1993 in Electronic Gaming Monthly.

#4 The Injustice: Gods Among Us

The game features all the characters that can be in the DC comics universe. It’s like the Mortal Kombat between the DC characters. The game was launched on the PC and console platforms.

The game gave you the chance to see the powers what the superheroes have which you failed to notice. And there are also some heroes and villains whose names you don’t even know. So that;s why the game grabs it’s spot on our list.

#3 The Wolverine Origins

The game was based on the character of the same name who featured in the X Men comics under the banner of the Marvel comics. And also the game was based on the movie which narrated the story of Logan.

The game features decent gameplay but the graphics are not that impressing, but still you get the feeling of playing as the Wolverine whose voice was given by the legendary Hugh Jackman. So it gets a spot on our list of the top games based on the cartoon characters.

#2 Batman

By saying Batman, I mean the Arkham series. There’s no other game which had done justice to a superhero the way this game did. The game, from the beginning only gave you the feel that you are BATMAN and you’re playing against the JOKER.

There’s isn’t much to say about the game. The only word that can describe the game is, AWESOME. The free flow combat system with a gripping story and solid voice acting, the game has set a benchmark for the other superhero games which is a very difficult bar to cross.

#1 Dragon Ball Z

This game stands apart from all the other games which were based on the cartoon characters. The main reason why the gamers loved this game was that the game did not deviate from it’s originality.

From the characters to the super powers that they possessed, the game gave everything that the players wanted and craved for and that is the remains that it is the most appreciated and sold video game based on a cartoon series.

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