Genshin Impact leak reveals Yelan & Yunjin in Moonchase Festival cutscene

A leaked Genshin Impact cutscene features Yelan and Yunjin (Image via MeClownYouClownWe'reClowns)
A leaked Genshin Impact cutscene features Yelan and Yunjin (Image via MeClownYouClownWe'reClowns)

The Moonchase Festival is coming soon to Genshin Impact, and leakers have uncovered a story cutscene from the event.

Genshin Impact has focused mainly on Inazuma lately, but it’s clear that Liyue will get some shine as well. The 2.1 livestream confirmed that the Moonchase Festival would transform the nation's main city of Liyue Harbor.

Liyue natives like Xiangling and Keqing will surely appear in the festival. Furthermore, the leaked cutscene revealed two characters, Yelan and Yunjin, who may become playable.

Disclaimer: This article covers some potential story spoilers related to the Moonchase Festival event and one well-known character in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact leakers reveal Yelan & Yunjin in upcoming Moonchase Festival cutscene

The leaked cutscene from the Moonchase Festival tells the story of the human-loving “Stove God”. According to the cutscene, the Stove God once helped the people of Liyue as they fled from natural disaster to Liyue Harbor. Centuries later, disaster struck again, and the Stove God used all its power to remove the threat before entering a long rest.

In Genshin Impact today, the Stove God is simply known as Guoba, Xiangling’s partner. It’s unclear whether the people of Liyue or even Xiangling herself know about Guoba’s backstory. However, Guoba himself surely does not.

The Stove God using all his power to heal the land (Image via MeClownYouClownWe'reClowns)
The Stove God using all his power to heal the land (Image via MeClownYouClownWe'reClowns)

Perhaps more exciting than the reveal of Guoba’s lore is the reveal of two unseen characters in Genshin Impact. A cast of Liyue characters can be seen in the Moonchase Festival cutscene, and among them are Yunjin and Yelan.

Yelan in the Moonchase Festival cutscene

Yelan is a possible character who’s yet to appear in Genshin Impact. Leaks about this character first appeared rather recently, though no gameplay information was revealed. The cutscene, however, does seem to show her as a polearm user.

Yelan may be a recreation of the Honkai Impact 3rd character, Fu Hua. Rumors have been going around that Fu Hua would become a Genshin Impact character as well. Now, it seems likely that Yelan will fill that role.

With Yelan’s appearance in the Moonchase Festival cutscene, some players speculate that she’s an adeptus.

Of course, Yelan being an adeptus is just a theory for now, based simply on her placement in the cutscene. If it’s true however, Yelan may be thousands of years old with a long and complex backstory, similar to other adepti.

Yunjin in the Moonchase Festival cutscene

Unlike Yelan, Yunjin has received some considerable attention from the Genshin Impact community. Several characters mention her in their voice lines, and her name also appears on a message board in Qingce Village. Yunjin is known to be a talented singer, dancer, and brewer for the Heyu Tea House.

With Yunjin’s identity already revealed in-game, it’s no surprise that leaks have followed the opera singer. Rumors originally claimed that she would be a Geo polearm user. However, the leaked cutscene seems to contradict that.

Though the image is unclear, it appears Yunjin has either an Anemo or Cryo vision in Genshin Impact. The last tweet from leaker Sukuna, whose account has since been disabled, also claims she’s not a Geo character.

Notably, Sukuna said “have fun guessing what’s real”, so this contribution should be taken with extra skepticism.

Leaks are yet to predict the release dates for Yelan and Yunjin. Players can expect the rerun banners for Ganyu, Hu Tao and Albedo to begin in version 2.2. If this is true, Yelan and Yunjin’s release dates may be far in the future if either of them is a 5-star character.

Edited by R. Elahi

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