God of War Ragnarok: 5 things fans would love to see

(image credits: lzuniy, youtube)
(image credits: lzuniy, youtube)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 17 Sep 2020

The PS5 Showcase Event went down quite well with the gaming community, with Sony finally unveiling the price of the next-gen console. Many assumed that it would mean the end of the live stream. But God of War had different plans.

The screen cut to black with snow filling up the screen, and soon after, Christopher Judge's voice as Kratos took center stage. Bear McCreary's iconic score kicks in just as Kratos, almost as if talking to the audience, says, "you must prepare yourself."

The teaser for the God of War sequel ends with an ominous "Ragnarok is Coming" message, and also pointing to a 2021 release. This is excellent news for fans of 2018's God of War, as there hasn't been a lot of gap between the two games.

Ragnarok was signaled in the latter half of 2018's God of War with the snow of Fimbulwanter covering the lands of Midgard. Here is a list of things we hope God of War: Ragnarok includes.

God of War Ragnarok: 5 things it must include

5) Freya on the Warpath

(image credits: god of war wiki fandom)
(image credits: god of war wiki fandom)

Freya, at the end of God of War, hints at the wrath that she is about to unleash on Kratos and his son Atreus for killing her son, Baldur. An ally throughout the game, Freya is one of the best characters in the new God of War series and is going to be a formidable foe.

However, according to the lore of the game, Freya has been cursed by Odin so that she cannot harm a living being. Perhaps a deal with Odin is in store for Freya as she looks to get vengeance on Kratos.

For players and Kratos, it will be extremely difficult to go up against Freya, who was, as mentioned, a strong ally of him and Atreus' throughout their journey.

An emotional and epic fight against Freya is undoubtedly one of the things fans are looking most forward to in God of War: Ragnarok.

4) Resolution on Loki and the World Serpent

(Image credits: Reddit)
(Image credits: Reddit)

At the end of Kratos and Atreus' journey, they discover that Faye, Atreus' mother and Kratos' wife, was a Giant and had guided them both through Midgard to Jotunheim.

One of the most peculiar things Kratos and the player discovered was the mural on the wall that foretold the future events. Kratos died in the arms of his son, and the World Serpent, Jormungandr, also having something to do with it.

Players, as well as Atreus, discovers that his name amongst the Giants was to be Loki. This is a huge shocker at the end of the game, as fans are well aware of the character from Norse Mythology.

According to Mythology, Jormungandr is Loki's child. Therefore, fans would love to know more about the significance of the mural and how it plays out in the story.

3) More Valkyrie-like bosses

(image credits: Shacknews)
(image credits: Shacknews)

One of the most fun and the challenging parts of God of War came in the form of 8 optional boss fights against the Valkyries. These fights proved to be the most challenging aspect of the God of War.

The fights push players to the absolute limit, making them embrace the in-depth nature of the game's combat and utilizing every tool at their disposal. While all the Valkyrie have now been rescued from their villainous form and returned to Valhalla, there is always room for tough bosses.

A set of new bosses that offer the same ridiculous level of challenge is sure to be appreciated by fans of God of War. These boss fights truly showcase the complexity and depth of the game's combat.

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Published 17 Sep 2020
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