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Godfall on PS5: New trailer showcases the power of the next-gen console

(Image Credits: PlayStation Universe)
(Image Credits: PlayStation Universe)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 16 Sep 2020

Godfall was one of the first games to be announced for the PS5 but the general vibe among the fanbase didn't really do wonders for the game at first.

To a lot of the audience, Gearbox's new "hack-and-slash looter" - Godfall - wasn't impressive enough to be one of the first few games to carry the PS5 at launch.

The major sentiment in the gaming community was that the visuals did not befit those of even a current-gen title, let alone the PS5. Godfall, as a result, slowly faded away from conversations regarding games at launch for the PS5.

However, Gearbox and Sony recently dropped a new "Combat Trailer" for the game with updated visuals, and the fan perception has changed drastically.

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Fan perception does a complete 180 regarding Godfall on the PS5


Gearbox Software, best known for the Borderlands franchise, are the devs behind Godfall. The studio's pitch for the game is much in the vein of the "looter-shooter" genre made popular by the Borderlands franchise but with hack-and-slash gameplay.

The trailer for Godfall, which focused on gameplay and an epic boss-fight, put the PS5's hardware and technical capabilities on full display. The comment section of the video on YouTube is filled with overwhelmingly positive comments.

Many fans admitted to have been wrong for not trusting the studio when they assured players that the game will have much better visuals on the PS5 than the initial reveal trailer.

This is brilliant news for both Godfall and the PS5 as fans got to truly witness the massive potential of the PS5 hardware. This only bears good news for the next-gen console going forward as games will only keep getting better as we go further in the console cycle.

Rarely ever does the gaming community have a complete change of perception regarding a game but it seems like Godfall has succeeded in doing just that.

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Published 16 Sep 2020, 17:49 IST
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