Gravity Spikes in COD Mobile: All you need to know

Gravity Spikes in COD Mobile
Gravity Spikes in COD Mobile
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Call of Duty Mobile gives its players an array of options to customise their gameplay and allows them to adjust various settings in order to enhance their experience in the game. One of these options in COD Mobile is a loadout feature where players can pre-equip multiple items like guns, throwables, perks and operator skills.

There are various operator skills that players can use in COD Mobile. One of the most preferred ones is Gravity Spikes.

What is the Gravity Spikes operator skill in COD Mobile?

The official description of Gravity Spikes in the game states:

"Jump up and slam down to create an energy wave that will deal fatal damage to the nearby enemies."

Gravity Spikes is particularly effective when the enemies are close. After selecting the operator skill in-game, players will have to use the jump button to put it to use. As soon as the player hits the ground, the enemies will be dealt with heavy damage.

How to get the Gravity Spikes in COD Mobile

Gravity Spikes available in store
Gravity Spikes available in store

If players wish to obtain Gravity Spikes, they would have to purchase it from the in-game store. Gravity Spikes can be purchased in the β€˜Credit’ section. It would cost the players 2000 credits to obtain this operator skill.

The Seasonal Event – Master Operator

The Seasonal Event - Master Operator
The Seasonal Event - Master Operator

COD Mobile also has multiple new events from which players can obtain different sets of rewards. In the recent seasonal event called Master Operator, players have to use Gravity Spikes ten times to receive 1000 Battle Pass XP and 300 Credits.

No specific amount of kills are required to get the rewards, and players would have to use the operator skill ten times in multiplayer matches. The event will expire after about 22 days. So players with a lot of time at their disposal can complete the task and obtain the rewards.

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