GTA 5: 5 of the best Halloween/Horror Mods as of October 2020

(image credits: Mano HermanDude, youtube)
(image credits: Mano HermanDude, youtube)
Rahul Bhushan

GTA V's Modding community has never failed to impress the gaming community at large. The members of the community have created some of the best mods in the history of gaming.

Open-world games on GTA's scale simply present many options for adding to the base title, and thus is understandably a favorite of modders. Halloween is just around the corner, and fans are looking to get their horror fix from wherever they can.

These are 5 of the best mods available for GTA V that are sure to terrify players for a while.

5 best horror Mods for GTA V

1) The House of the Dammned

For many, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was the revival that the famous horror franchise desperately needed. The iconic horror-fest that was the Baker Ranch is brought to Los Santos and is filled with all sorts of monstrous creations to soothe player's itch for horror as we near Halloween.

GTA V isn't a scary game by any means, but this mod definitely ups the creepy factor and should also satisfy fans of gory horror. This is one of the better mods created for GTA V in the horror genre and is essential for fans of the genre who also enjoy GTA V.

The mod essentially turns the O'Neil ranch in GTA V into the Baker Ranch from RE7 with fantastic results.

2) Sewer Monster 1.0

GTA V is packed to the rafters with all sorts of cool Easter Eggs littered throughout the city. A number of those Easter Eggs have to do with a supposed Sewer Monster in the drainage that has been claiming the workers' lives.

While there is no actual Sewer Monster in the game, this mod brings the horror to life. For fans of movies like The Host, this is the perfect mod to bring the cantankerous and disgusting sewer monster to life in GTA V.

This also adds an element of mystery as the player must uncover what has been leading to the disappearance of workers in the sewers and uncover the monster behind it.

3) Simple Zombies

No game in the modern-day seems to let go of zombies in the horror genre, mainly because they're effectively the most exciting enemy type for gameplay. The Simple Zombies mod is one of the best horror mods created for GTA V and has been polished to an insanely great degree.

The mod can stand on its own two feet as a legitimately engaging game experience and should keep players on the run, desperately gunning down zombies for hours on end.

Rather than simply add a bunch of zombies to the game, this mod essential creates an entire game by itself. Players must build their survivor camp and train their survivors to survive the zombie apocalypse.

4) The Mexican Myths Mods

The Mexican Myths mod essentially brings the most terrifying of creatures from Mexican Myth to GTA V and is a bone-chilling experience. Myths such as El Coco, La Llorona, and El Chupacabras are featured in the mod and have solid backstories to add to the gameplay.

The Mexican Myths mod does a great job of creating a tense atmosphere around these encounters, resulting in one of the best horror mods. For those interested in the lore behind the Mexican Myths, the mod does a great job of providing enough context for what makes these myths terrifying.

5) Friday the 13th Mod

No Halloween is complete without at least one sighting of a Jason Vorhees mask around. Friday the 13th and Jason are simply icons and mainstays of the genre, and October is definitely their month.

Friday the 13th mod for GTA V pits the player against the horror legend, and they must battle it out using all the weapons available to them. Remember to stock up on weapons and ammo because Jason takes a lot of beating to finally be put down.

The mod's version of Jason is understandably resilient as his movie counterpart and will take a lot of effort to finally put down.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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