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GTA 5: Best mods for single-player mode

(image credits: Johnnyonoes, youtube)
(image credits: Johnnyonoes, youtube)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 01 Sep 2020

Back during the release of GTA V, Rockstar ran into a bit of a scuffle with the PC gaming community as it was announced that it might be a while before the game arrives on the PC.

The game was initially released just for consoles, and the PC version didn't come out for almost a couple of years. However, once GTA V arrived on the PC platform, the modding community went to town with the game.

Mods for GTA V are some of the most creative and game-changing aspects in the history of gaming. Due to GTA's expansive open-world which is full of possibilities, modders are able to add tonnes of more information and create scripts worthy of being games unto themselves.

These are some of the best mods for GTA V on PC.

Best GTA V Mods

1) GTA Realism

GTA V is a pretty grounded affair, and game physics and ragdoll work in a reasonably realistic manner. However, there is always room for more realism, and players can add tonnes of more using the Realism Mod for the game.


More than just adding realistic ragdoll physics, there are tonnes of small details that make up an even more immersive experience. The police deploy more strategic tactics, the player has to pick up guns physically, and a lot more.

The Realism Mod makes the game feel more immersive with the addition of details that make an overall colossal impact.

2) LSPD First Response

One of the most popular mods for the game, it lets players cross over to the other side of the line and play as cops. This is an idea that has been making the rounds on fan forums and message boards across the internet that the GTA series should explore letting players play as the police.

Complete with an in-depth character creation system and the player's own precinct, LSDP First Response is one of the best mods ever created for the game.

In addition to having police-themed vehicles and weapons at your disposal, there are also tonnes of missions available for the player to do.

3)Truck Simulator


Taking inspiration from the hugely popular game, Euro Truck Simulator, this mod brings the trucking sim to GTA V and players love it. Euro Truck Simulator might not appear to be the industry juggernaut that it is today, but it is an extremely fun game.

This is why the Los Santos Truck Simulator mod has become such a popular one in the community. Players can pick up trucking contracts throughout Los Santos and deliver packages and get rated on their efficiency.

Navigating the complex roadways and traffic of Los Santos really gives players perspective on the painstaking effort that goes into developing an open-world game.

4) Vice City Mod

Ever since players got off the plane as Tommy Vercetti back in 2002, they have been demanding a return. Understandably so, as the sun-bathed streets of Vice City are some of the franchise's best work, and indeed one of the best open-world maps ever created.


The Vice City Mod brings the Miami-inspired city to GTA V and lets players revel in all the nostalgia of driving down familiar roads, in glorious HD. The Vice City mod brings all the iconic and popular locations from the 2002 game, and fans cannot get enough of it.

5) Simple Zombies Mod

There are only a few better pairings in the world than zombies and videogames, as the two have been able to deliver time and time again. Zombies are always a welcome addition in videogames, as they make for the most formidable enemies and are fun to shoot.

This mod lets loose the zombie apocalypse in Los Santos, and the player must battle hoards upon hoards to stay alive. It enables players play out their I Am Legend fantasy and take on an entire city by themselves.

Published 01 Sep 2020, 13:03 IST
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