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GTA 5 Character Mods: 5 of the best mods that change the game experience

(image credits: gta5mods)
(image credits: gta5mods)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 23 Sep 2020, 15:44 IST

The GTA modding community might just be some of the most resourceful groups of people on the internet. Time and time again, the modding community for GTA 5 has come through and surprised the internet and the gaming community.

From changing the game entirely through scripts such as the LSPD First Response to letting players play as Iron Man himself, there is simply no mod too extravagant for the modding community.

Here, we take a look at some of the coolest character mods that change the game experience quite a lot.

5 of the best GTA 5 Character Mods that change the game experience

5) Joker 2019 (Add-on PED)

(image credits: gta5mods)
(image credits: gta5mods)

2019's Joker was a seminal moment in modern-day cinema and one of the most celebrated movies in recent memory. A character as iconic as the Joker has made several appearances in GTA 5 by using mods.

The Joaquin Phoenix version of The Joker has also made its way into GTA 5, and players can finally let chaos run rampant in Los Santos as the Clown Prince of Crime.

There are four different versions of the Joker in this particular mod, namely: Arthur, Clown Arthur, Bathroom Arthur, and variations on the costume and makeup. The mod doesn't necessarily change the gameplay side of things, but players as Arthur Fleck certainly adds a level of darkness to GTA 5.

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4) HD Tommy Vercetti

There have been several GTA protagonists fans have loved over the years, but none more so than the iconic Hawaiian shirt-wearing Tommy Vercetti. The beloved character from GTA Vice City makes his way to Los Santos through this particular mod, and fans love nothing more than to cause havoc in the city as Tommy.

Players can start building their own personal lore and stories around Tommy's adventures in Los Santos, and combined with the Vice City Mod, and players can get the full nostalgic treatment.

Fans hope dearly Tommy makes one appearance in the HD universe of the GTA franchise, whether it be GTA Online or otherwise.

Mod Link

3) Hulk Classic


The Hulk Mod is the most popular mod of GTA 5 on the internet. The green monster can leap tall buildings in a single bound and cause ungodly amounts of havoc, as he should be able to.

Playing as the Hulk and running buck-shot through the police never quite gets old, and this mod lets players step into the giant shoes of The Hulk. Note: This is the Classic version of Hulk and not the MCU Mark Ruffalo version.

Mod Link

2) CW's The Flash Character Mod

When news of CW expanding the fledgling Arrowerse with The Flash broke, fans were skeptical at first. However, the show has been extremely successful, with fans rallying behind The Flash for nearly six seasons.

The speedster has been brought over to GTA 5 by using mods, and fans couldn't be more in love with it. There are several characters from the TV Series and comics that are available in this mod.

Characters such as Zoom, Reverse-Flash, and even the Injustice version of the Flash is included in the mod.

Mod Link

1) Superman BvS Injustice (Add-on PED)


So far, there is yet to be a competent Superman game in the video games industry, as the challenges involved are simply too taxing for any studio. However, the GTA modding community has been successful in bringing the Kryptonian over to Los Santos.

If players have ever wondered what Superman would be like if he wasn't a good guy, then this mod helps them see precisely that. While you could still be a boy-scout and help out your fellow man, it is merely that much more fun to wreak havoc.

This mod helps players of gauging an idea of what playing a competent Superman game could feel like.

Mod Link

Published 23 Sep 2020, 15:44 IST
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