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GTA 5: Five best mods for superhero fans

(image credits: vg247)
(image credits: vg247)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 27 Sep 2020, 12:58 IST

Superhero movies, comic books, and TV series have taken over entertainment hugely, especially since the start of the decade. Explicably, superhero-inspired mods were bound to make their way to GTA 5.

While there are many quality superhero games such as the Arkham Series, there is a certain level of novelty attached to GTA 5 mods. The GTA modding community might just be the most creative modding community of all.

From game-changing scripts to character mods that add a level of fun to GTA, there are a number of mods to pick from. For fans of superheroes, there are some of the best mods in GTA 5.

5 of the best GTA 5 mods for superhero fans

1) Deadpool

The merc with the mouth has long been a favorite of die-hard comic book fans and recently became the mainstream king with Ryan Renolds's rendition of the character. Players can now take to the streets of Los Santos as Deadpool, all the while feasting on some quality chimichangas.

The Deadpool mod for GTA 5 brings not only the character skin but also his signature akimbo handguns and mallet. Deadpool truly fits right in with the satirical atmosphere of GTA 5.


2) Thanos

Perhaps no other comic book character had an impact on pop culture as massively as Thanos did with his appearance in Infinity War and Endgame. The villainous Titan is one of the most imposing characters in comic book history, and this GTA 5 mod does extremely well to illustrate that.

With a towering figure, Thanos looks down on the puny citizens of Los Santos and rains down hell on a city primed for some mass extinction. Combined with the Thanos script mod, this GTA 5 mod changes the game experience quite a bit.

Playing as Thanos in GTA 5 is truly one of the best ideas, and this mod does well to illustrate how powerful the mad Titan is.

3) Superman (Henry Cavill, Man of Steel)


In the hands of GTA 5 players, Superman ends up feeling more like Homelander from The Boys. However, players can still attempt to fly a straight line and help out ones in need and being a good Lil superhero.

However, we all know it is simply that much more fun to cause havoc across town. This GTA 5 mod brings the Henry Cavill version of Superman to the game with his signature suit from Man of Steel.

It is an exceptionally well-made mod with some truly brilliant work on the textures of the cape, which is an often underappreciated aspect of superhero models in games.

4) Iron Man

Before Robert Downey Jr's turn in the MCU version of Iron Man, the character was relegated to the sidelines while others took center stage. However, today, Iron Man is synonymous with superhero royalty and excellence.


The Iron Man mod, when combined with the Iron Man script mod in GTA 5, is simply the most sophisticated upgrade in history. It adds an entirely new HUD that is reminiscent of Tony's heads-up display from the movies.

Replete with a vast arsenal of weapons, including the iconic phaser beams, this GTA 5 mod is as cool as it gets.

5) Batman

If there ever was a city in need of a watchful protector, a silent guardian, daresay, a Dark Knight, then Los Santos is it. Patrol the city as the Caped Crusader and deal out righteous justice and vengeance with your fists or the number of gadgets at your disposal.

You can tear down Vinewood Boulevard in your signature Batmobile and pancake cop cars on the evening news. This GTA 5 mods does just about anything as Batman. The character mod here is also done exceptionally well and can rival the best graphic mods from the community.

Published 27 Sep 2020, 12:58 IST
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