GTA 5 release brings Epic Games Store down: How to fix 'Error 500' 

  • The GTA 5 release has brought the Epic Games store down due to high traffic.
  • Players around the world are being greeted with an 'Error 500' message upon launching the Epic Games Store.
Modified 14 May 2020, 23:28 IST

Players are being greeted with an
Players are being greeted with an 'Error 500' message (Image Credits: Epic Games)

The much-hyped GTA 5 is now out on the Epic Games Store, and can be downloaded for free.

As a result of too many people trying to download GTA 5 at the same time, the Epic Games servers are choked to their limit. The excessive traffic is quite understandable, as GTA 5 being available for free is an opportunity that can't be missed.

Down Detector has observed a massive spike in the number of people flooding into the Epic Games Store. As soon as the servers went out, users were greeted with an 'Error 500' message. 

Epic Games store is currently down (Image Credits:
Epic Games store is currently down (Image Credits:

The 'Error 500' message is nothing new. Multiple users have reported these 'Error 500' messages, and they faced the issue before they could download the game from the store. Many others saw the Epic Games Store load in a different language altogether. 

Is the Epic Games Store down?

Epic Games recently tweeted stating that they are aware of the problem, and are currently attempting to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

If you see the same error message pop up on your screen, it is nothing to worry about. The problem is caused due to the Epic Games internal servers getting overwhelmed by a number of users accessing it from around the world.

In case the Epic Games launcher is not working for you after the issue is resolved, you can contact Epic Games' Twitter account, and report the issue to them via a tweet. 


GTA 5 will be available on the Epic Games Store till the 21st of May. There is no reason to panic if you cannot get the game immediately. You would have plenty of time to download your copy of GTA 5 after the traffic calms down in a little while.

However, we have two quick fixes that might help in resolving the issue.

How to fix 'Error 500' in Epic Games store?

While there is no absolute way to resolve the 'Error 500' due to it being an internal server issue, you can still try a few hot fixes that may resolve the issue in a jiffy.

1) Reload the Epic Games Launcher

In case you are experiencing the 'Error 500' message, a simple restart might be help solve things.

Make sure to end the process by going into your 'Task Manger' and selecting Epic Games launcher. Right click on it and choose the 'End Task' option.

2) Clear your Epic Games Launcher Cache

You can refer to the below video for instructions regarding the same:

You can always check the Epic Games Twitter account for more updates on the issue.

Published 14 May 2020, 23:28 IST
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