GTA 5 Weekly Update Patch Notes: Free Cash, Content, Bonuses

  • GTA 5's Massive Success can be attributed to the addition of GTA: Online. Here are the new update patch notes.
  • GTA:Online brings weekly updates to keep the player base engaged and offer new content.
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Modified 21 May 2020, 17:07 IST

GTA Online Weekly Update
GTA Online Weekly Update

GTA 5 has seen a solid rise in player count recently after Epic Games Store announced that the game will be available for free download, including GTA: Online as part of the Premium Edition.

The Weekly Update usually brings new cosmetic upgrades to existing cars, and sometimes even adds new vehicles to the already giant roster. Several Bonus RP events are added various game modes such as Stockpile and Races.

Hence, more players are interested in this Weekly Update for GTA 5.

GTA 5 Patch Notes

Weekly Update for May 21 Includes:

New Content:

  • Declasse Vamos
  • Declasse Vamos MKII
  • Declasse Vamos Classic
  • Declasse Vamos Retro Custom
  • Declasse Vamos Hellfire
  • Podium Car: Half Track

Cash Bonuses: $1,000,000 for completing 10 Daily Objectives

Triple Money and RP Activities: Hunting Pack Remix

Double Money and RP Activities: Stockpile


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GTA Online's Massive Success

Released in 2015, GTA 5's online component, GTA: Online quickly gathered steam and became one of the biggest successes in Online Gaming history. According to reports, GTA: Online at its peak was raking in $1 Million USD per day for Rockstar Games from in-game purchases and DLC. 

This was a kind of success never seen before in Online games, setting a new high for Rockstar Games and online gaming in general. Rockstar has managed to keep the game on an upward trajectory by not resting on their laurels and periodically dropping new content, bonuses and rewards for players to be engaged in their game.

As part of a weekly rollout, GTA:Online has Weekly Updates that includes Free Cash, New Content and Bonuses for players regularly playing GTA: Online. This becomes a great way to maintain player satisfaction and retain a large section of their player base.

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Published 21 May 2020, 17:07 IST
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