GTA online: Developer of a cheat program sued

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Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar's parent company has sued Florida based developer Johnny Perez for distributing a GTA Online cheating software. The case was tried in court and was said to have caused "irreversible harm" to the online community. Johnny Perez was ordered to pay $150,000 for reparations and the heavy amounts of copyright infringements.

This is not the first time that Take-Two Interactive has sued someone for cheating and copyright infringement. There has been a heavy crackdown on users over the past couple of years and as you can see, these kinds of cases are taken very seriously. These cases have been filed both in the US and abroad.

What was the cheating software?

Perez developed a software titled "Elusive". It was not a free software or mod, it sold online at a price ranging between $10 - $30 (there were different packages). Take-Two wanted to find out how much money Perez made from Elusive but that was never disclosed.

Elusive allowed players to generate their own currency (like a digital counterfeit) and it also allowed these players to interfere with other players, disrupting gameplay. Take-Two has mentioned that the estimated damages from Elusive are up to $500,000! A New York judge has imposed a $150,000 fine as well as $70,000 in lawyer charges against Perez.

This case has highlighted to be one of the highest amounts of fines that have ever been imposed on a cheater. Over the years, cheating and copyright infringement have had serious consequences and in some countries such as South Korea, involved the government to step in to take action.

Elusive has not been on sale for over a year now, ever since Perez was contacted by Take-Two Interactive. Think twice before you decide to cheat your way through! Even regular players can get severe consequences for cheating. Torrent Freak broke the story and has more details.

Edited by Vignesh Ananthasubramanian
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