GTA V characters

gta v characters

While everyone is busy with GTA V, we will help you gamers out there by identifying and describing about the characters present in the game. We will look in detail about the three protagonists and the other important characters.


Michael De Santa

One among the three main characters in the game

A man who is potrayed as someone who is in his mid 40’s, Michael is one among the three protagonists in the game. He was a bank robber who stopped his activities after striking a deal with the FIB and then moved to Los Santos. But his wife Amanda with whom he has a turbulent relationship spends all the money lavishly causing concern, and this forces Michael to get back to his old ways. Initially there were doubts in some gamers minds whether he is the other version of Tommy Vercetti, who is the protagonist of GTA Vice City, but those rumors have been dismissed. Michael’s special ability in the game is that he can enter bullet time in combat. He has two kids – Jimmy De Santa and Tracey De Santa. He is potrayed as someone who has nothing to lose. In his comeback, he joins forces with Franklin Clinton and and former partner Trevor Philips.

Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton – GTA V

He is from south Los Santos and is an ex-street gangster. He is working as a repossession agent for a car dealer who cheats people by selling them luxurious cars that they cannot afford and then taking them back forcefully. But Franklin feels that he has had enough of this life and wants to earn more money. Lamar Davies is his best friend, and Franklin’s special ability is that he can slow down time while driving. One day he comes up against Michael, befriends and impresses him with his skills. He helps Michael in some heists and starts developing a father-son relationship with him. They both carry on with Trevor joining the duo in future heists.

Trevor Philips

Trevor was once best friends with Michael

Trevor is a Canadian and has been in hiding for nine years because of a failed attempt in which he presumes that Michael is killed. When he discovers the truth, he vows to kill Michael but agrees to work with him for the time being and they collaborate again to perform heists. He is potrayed in a dark manner, and he has had a troublesome past with his physically abusive father and emotionally abusive mother. Trevor’s special ability in the game is that he can take less damage and also he can perform a unique melee attack when the special meter is activated.


Devin Weston

Devin is one of the main antagonists in the game

The Cheif Executive Officer of Devin Weston buildings, he owns a share in nearly every company in the state. He is a billionaire investor and corporate raider and that makes him believe that he can do anything and get away with it. He likes to double cross his business partners by exploring loopholes in their contracts and all the three protagonists share a hatred for him because they realise his intentions everytime he tries to pretend to be friends with them. He gives an impression that he lives a very healthy and peaceful life by practicing yoga, but in reality he is very arrogant and unsympathetic towards everyone.

Steve Haines

Steve Haines – GTA V

This decorated FIB agent has his own TV show called ‘Saints and Sinners: The Underbelly of Paradise’. He shows the crimes happening in Los Santos in this show. He is Dave Norton’s (the man who helped Michael initially) head and when he comes to know about his allegience with Michael, he doesn’t report it. Instead, he uses the lead trio to get some dirty work done in order to get more funds from the government. He is hated by almost everyone as he is psychotic and arrogant and also because he has a close friendship with Devin Weston.

Other Important Characters

Lester Crest

gta v characters
Lester Crest – GTA V

He is a business partner of Michael and Trevor. He successfully helped them in all their heists before the one that collapsed. Since then he has been keeping track of both their locations and when Michael starts to get back to his old self, he seeks Lester’s help again. He uses a cane to walk and is an excellent hacker besides being a huge lover of video games.

Lamar Davis

Lamar Davis – Franklin’s best friend

Lamar worked alongside Franklin as a repossession agent besides being a street gangster. He is one of Franklin’s best friends despite the two getting in to some arguments at times. He is good at devising new ways to make quick money and also is described as a crazy individual. He is also shown to work with Trevor and remains as a good friend with both Trevor and Franklin until the very end of the game. He walks blindly into traps with having a forethought and has to be saved by Franklin every now and then.

Dave Norton

Dave Norton faked Michael’s death many years ago which is revealed in the game

He works for the FIB under Steve Haines, and it is revealed how he faked Michael’s death. Many years ago when Michael and Trevor were planning a heist, Dave and Michael hatched a plan where the latter would kill the other two and would let Michael escape leaving his criminal activities behind for a monthly sum and also a chance to relocate to a new location. By doing this, Dave actually earned a very good reputation since he was hailed as the one who killed one of the most wanted men. After Michael’s return, the protagonist trio are forced to work for both Dave and Steve. Dave admits that he is corrupt but quickly points out that he isn’t as corrupt as the others.

Ron Jakowski

Ron Jakowski – GTA V

Once happily married, but then divorces his wife and helps Trevor in his activities. He is Trevor’s neighbor and is often showed as someone who is scared of him as you can see him referring to Trevor as ‘boss’ frequently in the game. He also hosts a radio show on Blaine County Radio.

Wade Hebert

Wade Hebert shows similar traits to Ron while dealing with Trevor

He is a juggalo, and is a chronic methamphetamine addict. He has a mind of a child because of that addiction. The first time Wade met Trevor was when his friends bought drug, and later Trevor killed his friends and has been looking after him ever since. He is shown to be loyal to Trevor apart from being quite nervous just like Ron.

Solomon Richards

Solomon Richards – GTA V

Michael is a huge fan of Solomon Richards who is a film producer and owner of ‘Richards Majestic’. Devin Weston makes sure that Michaels meets his hero, and the two instantly become friends. Solomon lists Michael as the associate producer in his next film and also invites him and his family to attend the premiere.

Wei Cheng

Wei Cheng – A secondary antagonist in the game

The leader of the Los Santos Triads, he wants to expand his business around Blaine County. He expresses his desire to work with Trevor, so he sends his son to talk with him. But he backs out at the last minute and instead decides to work with Trevor’s rivals instead. Wei sends out his men to track down Trevor, after he kills his partners, and Michael gets caught as a hostage, who in turn is rescued by Franklin.

Harold “Stretch” Joseph

Harold Joseph – GTA V

He is shown to be released from prison and the moment he comes back, he rejoins his gang and demands respect from them. Franklin openly shows discontent with Harold’s behaviour, but Lamar still respects him and convinces Franklin to work together. They set out to ambush their rival gang, the Ballas. They manage to survive the fight, but later it is revealed that Harold had actually switched sides during his time in the prison and had actually wanted to kill both Franklin and Lamar.

Amanda De Santa

Amanda was once a stripper

The wife of Michael De Santa, Amanda spends all the money in a lavish manner prompting Michael to take up robbery again. Also it is shown that she starts losing interest in her husband and argue against each other on almost everything. Amanda also starts having affairs with some people including her Tennis coach. Unable to handle Michael, she moves out of their home along with her children.

Jimmy De Santa

Jimmy De Santa is always occupied with video games

The younger brother of Tracey, and son of Amanda and Michael. He wants to be a gangster, but always shows a lack of ambition in life and that infuriates his father. They don’t enjoy a good relationship despite Michael’s efforts to get closer with him. He often gets high or sits in his room playing video games. He cheats his dad and moves out with the car and some money, but at the end the family comes back together.

Tracey De Santa

Tracey seen partying with friends

Michael and Amanda’s daugher and the older sister of Jimmy, Tracey has a very troublesome relationship with all the members of her family, especiall with her father as he doesn’t like her efforts to seek fame. She hangs around with porn producers and C-list celebrities in order to seek attention. She is known to take drugs and have multiple partners.

Floyd Hebert

Floyd Hebert – The game’s most honest individual?

He is Wade’s cousin and lives in his girlfriend’s apartment. He works as a stevedore, or dockhand at the Port of Los Santos and is shown to be in a relationship where the woman doesn’t value him enough. Also, he is potrayed as the only decent person in the entire game as he keeps a distance away from drugs, violence, corruption, greed and adultery. He gets killed alongside his girlfriend by Trevor when they both oppose him for ruining their apartment.


gta v characters
Lazlow with Tracey De Santa in the game

He is shown as a perverted radio host who is shown to be suggesting some provocative dancing styles to Tracey who came there for an audition. Michael and Trevor reach the spot and get angry at him and cause commotion. They then chase him down and humiliate him by making him dance after asking him to remove his pants. He is then shown again where he asks favors from Tracey and Michael assauls him after hearing it. Later he is seen interviewing celebrities at the premier of Michael’s new film and he gets scared when he spots Michael.

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