"Had fans, got a man, now they all departed": Pokimane diss track soars, Keemstar approves

Pokimane during a live stream (Image Credits: Twitch/Pokimane)
Pokimane during a live stream (Image Credits: Twitch/Pokimane)

Pokimane has been the center of everyone’s attention for quite some time now, but for all the wrong reasons.

Earlier in May, the Twitch streamer and content creator was involved in a controversial spat with a fellow YouTuber, ItsAGundam. You must have read about the entire ordeal here. What the internet took offence to was the fact that Pokimane seemingly encouraged her fans to mass dislike ItsAGundam's video (because she disagreed with his subjective opinions).

Pokimane’s actions ended up costing the YouTuber his livelihood, since after their disagreement went viral, ItsAGundam's sponsors ended up rescinding their agreement.

Ever since, the beloved Morocco-born star has been facing the wrath of multiple YouTubers, content creators and streamers from every platform.

"Got roasted on YouTube by the man with no chin": Pokimane diss track reignites the drama

Much like Shane Dawson, an old clip of Pokimane saying the 'N-word' has been making its round on the internet for a while now. Getting back to the diss track, by YouTuber void, it starts from the past, and gradually melds with the present; hilariously highlighting every wrangle she has been involved in.

Here is the video in question:


Shortly after its upload, the video quickly captured the attention of many, including the popular #DramaAlert host Keemstar.

Keem was quick to share the video on his socials, including Twitter, where it got mixed responses from fans.

The official DramaAlert channel on YouTube also took to the comments section to show appreciation for the video.

KeemStar takes subtle digs at Pokimane, rates the disstrack a 10 out of 10
KeemStar takes subtle digs at Pokimane, rates the disstrack a 10 out of 10

So, what happened to Pokimane?

Ever since the Gundam incident, the Fortnite star seems to have come under fire for various incidents. While some have picked on recent developments, others have scraped the past to find any shred of controversy that Pokimane has been involved in.

The massive influx of criticism was something the 24-year-old was not ready to deal with. And as the hate raged on, the Canadian Moroccan star took to her personal Twitter account to express how ‘no one’ deserves to be hated on by entire communities.

What happened to Pokimane? The outcome
What happened to Pokimane? The outcome

Looking at recent developments, however, this drama may not see an end anytime soon. While many hate the streamer for her ‘personality’, others take digs at her fans who have often been dubbed as 'simps', a slang used for men who are overtly submissive towards women.

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