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Halo 5 Beta week 3 content goes live

Halo 5 Beta week 3 content goes live

News 11 Jan 2015, 14:43 IST
343 industries have also launched a new update for Halo 5 called the Breakout

Since the release of the Beta version of Halo 5, it has undergone many changes and this week more of the new material and maps add up to the existing ones. Earlier today, a new objective mode was added to the game titled, Stronghold.

It is an objective based mode wherein the player will have to control and manage three zones. As said by the Halo 5 multiplayer level designer, Quinn DelHoyo, the teams score by holding at least two out of three regions and are the first ones to win 100 points. For now, this mode can be played using the Empire or Regret weapons.

Along with this, the 343 industries have also launched a new update called the Breakout. This mode grants the player one life per round and remains for only the third week of the Beta version. 

Players start with the assault and battle rifles, and the first team to win five rounds is the victor on the Crossfire and Trench maps. The developers have also granted the players with a new set of weapons including the sniper rifle, energy sword, and Prophet's Bane.

Also, the studio has brought back the map from the first week, the “Truth” which was removed last week. This week's content also adds the map Pegasus to Forge for Slayer.

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