Halo Infinite: Could it be the most expensive game ever made?

  • Halo Infinite could possibly cost half a billion just to produce.
Modified 08 Apr 2019, 21:48 IST

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

The Halo franchise has seen itself in a bit of a lull lately, what with the less-than-enthusiastic response to Halo 5: Guardians and the mess of the multiplayer at the launch of the Master Chief Collection (which, by the way, is awesome now).

So, 343 Studios needs a massive hit with their upcoming Halo Infinite and, if the rumors are true, they're willing to spend a ton of Microsoft's money to make it happen. (h/t to

According to the German website Xbox Dynasty (and you know you can trust them, as nobody who speaks German could be evil!*), 343 Studios currently has a budget of a whopping $500 million dollars for development costs alone. That means they're spending half a billion dollars to make the game and that doesn't even include marketing. That would make it the most money ever spent on the development of a game, ever.

Now, none of this is confirmed and it's not like Xbox Galaxy has a track record when it comes to accurate reports like this (although, to be fair, it's not like they have a record of making crap up, either).

Still, Microsoft is in dire need of a massive hit exclusive for both Xbox and Windows and it's certainly possible they'd be willing to throw however much money it took at the project to make it happen.

Of course, it's also possible that this was a rumor started by Microsoft and 343 themselves in order to get some eyes on the title while it's still in development. I'm certainly not putting it past them.

Whatever the game will cost, there's currently no release date - hell, not even a ballpark guestimate as to when it'll come out, which at least means they're taking their time on it.

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Published 08 Apr 2019, 21:48 IST
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