Hardhat Call of Duty map in new update: Gameplay, hotspots and preview

  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Three will include Hardhat as the newest addition to the Map List.
  • Hardhat is a popular map from Modern Warfare 3 back in the day.
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Call Of Duty: Season 3
Call Of Duty: Season 3

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Season Three is nearing its end but Infinity Ward and Activision aren't resting on their laurels. Fans' favorite map, Hardhat is looking to make a glorious comeback to the popular online first-person shooter.

Hardhat was available as a multiplayer map on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and quickly proved to be a favorite almost instantly. It encourages players to play more aggressively and utilize SMGs and weapons which have a faster firing rate. At the same time, it provides long sightlines for Sniper Classes.

Call of Duty's signature aggressive and reflex rewarding gameplay is best displayed in the frantic pace of Hardhat. The player is rewarded for playing fast and playing smart on Hardhat.

Tactics and weapon classes best suited for Hardhat

Because the map is a tried and tested one on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, players will have a good idea of what classes of weapons to use in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare this time around.

The map is essentially two sub-areas in an under-construction site with up to three entry points into the Centre of the map, which is key to success in this map. Due to its small size, speed is key in Hardhat. Utilizing fast weaponry such as SMGs and close-range weaponry is key to getting more kills in the game. Call of Duty's SMG class has seen significant improvement in Modern Warfare.

New Gameplay on COD Modern Warfare

Why you should use SMGs on Hardhat

  • The closeness of combat around corners and lack of sightlines makes the use of SMGs a no-brainer.
  • ARs and Sniper Rifles are only useful in certain areas of the map.
  • SMGs allow for fast cornering and TTK (Time To Kill) of SMGs is high when cornering in Hardhat.
  • However, there is one key area in Hardhat where Sniper Rifles are the most powerful.

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Hot Spots and Key Areas in Hardhat

The Center

HardHat on MW3 (picture credits:
HardHat on MW3 (picture credits:

The center is the focal point of all combat on Hardhat. Both the teams try to fight their way through the 3 entry points available for Center. Keep in mind that the entry points are also crowded as restricting the entry points can result in one team gaining control of the Center.

The Center is under the scaffolding at the dead-center of the map and allows for plenty of cover for strategic movement and eliminate enemies with long sightlines.

The use of ARs and Sniper Rifles can prove to be beneficial once your team has fought through the entry points and gained control of the Center.

Call of Duty has been known to have great Sniper Classes, you can use Sniper Rifles to stop the advance of oncoming teams from the other key area that is The Pipe.

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The Pipe

The Pipe is a sniper
The Pipe is a sniper's dream on Hardhat

The pipe is a key entry point to the Center and a Sniper's favorite spot on the entire map. The pipe essentially allows players to wade through and find a quick line to the Center. In games such as Domination and Hard Point, the Pipe is an essential area to get control of.

It is extremely frustrating when the enemy has control of the Center because if stuck in the Pipe, the enemy team can place themselves at the other end of the Pipe with a Sniper Rifle to pick off any players coming in.

It is advisable to lob grenades and flashbangs into the Pipe before advancing to wade off anybody on the other end of the Pipe.

Surely gamers will waste no time in getting back to their beloved Hardhat in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Three.

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Published 19 May 2020, 14:47 IST
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