Harvard-trained psychiatrist Dr. K delves deeper into the troubled life of Amouranth

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa (Image Credits: Amouranth)
Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa (Image Credits: Amouranth)
Modified 17 Aug 2020

The job of full-time streaming comes with its own brand of stress and anxiety, which can even take a significant toll on those who boast the strongest mental fortitude.

This is precisely the reason why it doesn’t come as much of a surprise when Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa suffers from such anxiety in her private life, as a side-effect of her streaming job.

Amouranth is one of the most popular Twitch personalities today and boasts a follower count of over 1.5 million. However, her road to success came with a lot of hurdles as the responsibility to keep up with the expectations of so many fans prevented her from taking care of herself when offline.

Her private life and mental health were deteriorating by the day, and the fact that she got banned from Twitch three times in under a year did not do much good for her growing anxieties.

Much of what Amouranth does is an act (image taken from Amouranth
Much of what Amouranth does is an act (image taken from Amouranth's stream)

Much of what Amouranth does on her streams is an act, a performance that seeks to entertain whoever chances on her stream, and it is this very job of keeping up appearances that is taking a toll on her mental health.

Dr. K looks into Amouranth’s troubled life

Image from Dr. K
Image from Dr. K's stream

Dr. Alok Kanojia, also known as Dr. K, is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist who is quite well-known among gamers as he has been providing his services to streamers and esports professionals for some time now.

His channel, HealthyGamer_GG, has grown quite popular of late and boasts a follower count of 353k.

His popularity sky-rocketed right after his interview with ‘Mizkif’ where they talked about ADHD and how it can affect the daily life of an esports personality.

In a session that was held with Amouranth three days ago, Dr. K talked about how the streamer was actually putting her internet personality before her actual self. He told Amouranth that she has lost touch with herself when she opened up to him about the pressures of her everyday workload and how she is constantly thinking of ways to keep up appearances.

Dr. K’s take on the ‘audience’ and ‘creator’

Amouranth breaks down into tears during the session with Dr. K (image from the stream)
Amouranth breaks down into tears during the session with Dr. K (image from the stream)

No showmanship is easy, and in the world of streaming too, the relationship between the audience and the creator is a very difficult one. 

The audience will always want the ones they’re skiing to break new boundaries every day, and those expectations sometimes become impossible to achieve when you’re constantly thinking about followers and donations.

Dr. K said that the internet "loves when content creators don’t get to be human”. He added that Amouranth, who is “a normal wonderful person”, has had her “life, social media and streaming get to her because that’s what it does".

Dr. K seems to have struck a chord with Amouranth when he started talking about the various insecurities that are present in a streamer’s life. Amouranth teared up during this part of the session and revealed that there is much more stress in her life than she puts on during her streams.

Published 17 Aug 2020
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