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Hearthstone: 5 Reasons why you should craft Whizbang the Wonderful

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Gautam Nath
Modified 11 Apr 2019
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Hearthstone's newest expansion Rise of Shadows just dropped a couple of days ago. There have been some really cool decks drafted by pros such as Kripparian, Dog, Trump and others. But ever since a couple of years ago, the number of Legendaries from each expansion has increased.

So it's hard to open every Legendary or Epic from the expansions. You will need to spend a lot of money and open a lot of packs to get those. Not only that, many Legendaries and Epics are quite niche. Legendaries like Bloodmage Thalnos are one of the few that are flexible.

But if you're an F2P player or questioning which Legendary you should spend that precious 1600 dust on, here are 5 reasons why you should craft Whizbang from The Boomsday Project expansion (in case you haven't already).

#5. Whizbang is the best legendary for F2P Players

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Opened 50, 70, 100 packs and still missing cards? Whizbang allows you to choose from a huge list of deck recipes which include many Legendaries and Epics. Many decks are refined by the Legendaries you include from the many expansions Hearthstone has released.

Especially if you are a new player, Whizbang is truly a Wonderful craft for you to try the many decks he has to offer. But if you haven't reached Rank 25 yet, Whizbang cannot be crafted or used. If you make him Golden, you will get an all Golden deck as well as a Golden hero. Whizbang is the hero of Free-to-Play players.

#4. Whizbang decks are actually good in Brawliseum

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Every once in a while, Tavern Brawl comes as the Brawliseum format. Most Brawliseums require you to make a Standard Deck and you will be locked in with that one deck only till you win or lose.

Whizbang decks are not like that. It switches decks every game and most of the decks you get from it are actually competitive decks which perform well.

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Published 11 Apr 2019, 14:46 IST
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