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Hearthstone News: Third chapter of Dalaran Heist is now live

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Gautam Nath
Modified 24 May 2019

Hearthstone's newest Single Player adventure mode the Dalaran Heist just released a week ago. Each week on Thursday (North America) or Friday (EU), the wings will go live. The third chapter of the Dalaran Heist just launched today.

In the third chapter, the "Twist" mechanic returns just like the ones in Chapters 1 and 2. This time, both you and your opponent can only play 4 minions maximum. The board on both sides is crowded with dormant "carts" which cannot be removed in any way.

The introduction of the third chapter also introduced two more new classes. Kriziki, the Priest and Captain Eudora, the Rogue. We got Mage, Shaman and Hunter last week and we can expect the remaining 4 classes to be released when Chapters 4 and 5 release.

You can unlock new hero powers and new deck recipes as you progress along, just like with the other classes. The hero powers for Priest is not all that good and just like Hunter, the basic Hero Power seems to be the best one. Rogue has some decent ones though.

Priest Hero Powers in Dalaran Heist
Priest Hero Powers in Dalaran Heist
Rogue Hero Powers in Dalaran Heist
Rogue Hero Powers in Dalaran Heist

There aren't any new treasures, so you will still choose from the same pool of treasures. Some of them tend to work much better with Rogue and Priest. The Spell Damage +2 treasure works extremely well on these two classes for example. Rogue gets a lot of combo cards and draws so the treasure which shuffles a copy into your deck works great too.

Chapter 3 is also available in Heroic Mode and Rogue and Priest are also available in the mode. It will cost 700 gold as usual or you can opt to pay with real money. If you bought the previous wings with gold, it will be cheaper to buy the adventure with real money too. The full adventure can be bought either before unlocking chapter 3 or by going to

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Published 24 May 2019, 12:20 IST
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