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Hearthstone Rise of Shadows: The 6 Best Epics/Legendaries to Craft

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Gautam Nath
Modified 20 Apr 2019

It has almost been 2 weeks since Hearthstone's first expansion of 2019, Rise of Shadows. The annual Standard Rotation that came with the expansion has changed up the Standard meta and even the Wild meta. But for many players who don't buy an excessive amount of packs, the question of which Legendaries/Epics to craft comes into question.

Many Legendaries and Epics are often very niche and fit only a specific deck archetype. But there are some cards which see almost universal play and are so versatile they can fit into any decks. Zilliax is one of these cards and he is still a great craft!

Zilliax is a safe craft despite the new expansion
Zilliax is a safe craft despite the new expansion

So what cards are worth crafting from Rise of Shadows? Let's take a look at 6 Epics/Legendaries that are worth crafting.

#6. Keeper Stalladris

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Class: Druid

Keeper Stalladris is an interesting effect which manipulates the "Choose One" mechanic. It is much like an older card Fandral Staghelm which was also a cheap and effective "Choose One" combo card. You don't get the amalgamation of the cards but you do get additional cards to play from hand.

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Not to mention the mana cost for Keeper Stalladris is very cheap for its effect. Decks with this card have over a 56% winrate according to HSReplay. The Choose One cards will keep coming so this is a much better card to craft compared to the other legendary from the expansion, Lucentbark.

#5. Darkest Hour

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Class: Warlock

Darkest Hour is a card that allows you to cheat mana and bring out your most powerful minions from the deck. It summons the actual minions and not copies. It synergizes extremely well with the new card Rafaam's Scheme. You simply have to destroy your imps and bring out your big boys.

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Darkest Hour also synergizes well with Zoo decks. It's especially crazy in Wild where you have large demons such as Mal'Ganis, Voidlord and the now Hall of Famed Doomguard.

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Published 20 Apr 2019, 12:28 IST
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