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Hearthstone: What we know so far about the new expansion Saviors of Uldum

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Gautam Nath
Modified 03 Jul 2019

A new expansion for Hearthstone was announced a couple of days ago by Blizzard. Saviors of Uldum will be the second expansion of 2019 and with it comes new cards and a new keyword. The expansion will also feature the return of League of Explorer expansion characters which we saw in 2015.

Saviors of Uldum is available for pre-order. The Mega Bundle offers 80 packs, a random golden legendary from the expansion, a card back as well as a new Druid hero Elise Starseeker. Saviors of Uldum releases on 6 August 2019 and here's what we know about the expansion so far.

Quests are back!

Druid and Warlock quests from the Saviors of Uldum
Druid and Warlock quests from the Saviors of Uldum

Quests were originally introduced in 2017's Journey to Un'Goro. We're finally seeing a return of the Quest mechanic with the Saviors of Uldum expansion. All 9 classes will have a Quest card. This time, it looks like Quests are a little harder to achieve. Untapped Potential can be very slow and Supreme Archaeology requires you to draw 20 cards.

This time, the Quests are replacing your Hero Power instead of giving you a single card as a reward. It's definitely a different angle and it seems much better than the Un'Goro quests!

Plague Cards

Every class will get a "Plague card" that affects all minions on the board. We have only seen the Plague card for Priest, which is very powerful, especially since Priest does not have very great removal right now. We can expect expensive and strong power level Plague cards with other classes.

New Keyword: Reborn


We have been getting new keywords every expansion (though Blizzard is not re-using too many of them). Saviors of Uldum will introduce Reborn. When a minion has Reborn, they will be able to come back to the board after dying with 1 HP remaining. Reborn minions won't last forever and the Reborn keyword will go away once they have respawned with 1 HP.

You can find the full list of cards revealed so far here. More cards will be revealed as we inch closer to the expansion. We will also most likely see another single player adventure like Dalaran Heist.

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Published 03 Jul 2019, 22:26 IST
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