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HellBlade to release for both PC and PS4

HellBlade to release for both PC and PS4

11 Jan 2015, 19:27 IST
HellBlade to release for PC as well as PlayStation 4
The game will be released for PS4 and PC

Ninja Theory’s exclusive game HellBlade has been announced to be console exclusive to PlayStaion 4 but their loyalty towards PC gamers is also evident with a recent announcement telling that the game is going to be released for PC too.

In a official announcement, the makers expressed their excitement in regard with releasing the game for PC revealing that the extending the game to the PC platform provides them with a better chance of improving the game by utilizing the tools of testing and modding that come into light thus serving their purpose of providing a better more improved gaming experience to their fans.

Since the makers Ninja Theory have given a rather sleek indication to the modding community we can expect something more than merely a port to PC. As expected many Xbox lovers are not taking the news of the games exclusivity to PlayStation in a positive stride , certain amount of ambiguity remains in the specification leaving gamers confused whether the game will be exclusive to console for its release so Xbox One owners can look forward to purchasing it on a later date or will the makers stick to its exclusivity to PlayStation 4 .

Hellblade is an exquisite creation of Ninja Theory who believe that the game ardently focuses on showing off what they do best that is providing strong-cored characters placed in a background engaging them in brutal uncompromising combat. This is ample enough to emulate that  the game will be a promising end product of the enterprise.

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