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Henry Cavill debuts on Twitch... or does he?

Did Henry Cavill just have his first Twitch stream? (Image Credits:
Did Henry Cavill just have his first Twitch stream? (Image Credits:
Modified 03 Aug 2020, 18:12 IST

The world needs no introduction to Henry Cavill, who is best known for playing DC's blue-eyed boy, Superman, in the DC Extended Universe.

An international megastar, Cavill recently sent social media platforms into a tizzy, when a video of him setting up a PC was released online.

Check out the video below:

In an absolute delight for fans, his technical prowess did not go unnoticed as they actively demanded that Cavill should take to streaming and start his own Twitch channel.

It appears that Cavill seems to have listened to these demands as he popped up on the streaming platform yesterday, much to the excitement of his fans. However, something just didn't seem quite right about him... read on to find out what!

Henry Cavill/ HasanAbi


In the Twitch stream, when 'Henry Cavill' appears on screen, one can immediately notice that there's something off about him. On closer inspection, it's clearly not him! It's actually popular Twitch streamer HasanAbi wearing Cavill's mask as he trolls viewers by introducing the stream as Henry Cavill's first stream.

HasanAbi mockingly states:

What's going on everybody....I'm Henry Cavill, you know, I'm actually on f****** Twitch bruv....I hate video games...also if you have a Twitch prime, you should spend it on instead of anyone else!

HasanAbi doesn't just stop there and takes it up a notch by saying:

I'm a big fan of HasanAbi and I think he is a much more handsome and intelligent person even though he does not build his PC's.

The stream idea was the brainchild of popular streamer Hasan Piker, popularly known as HasanAbi, who trolled streamers tuning in with his cosplay of Henry Cavill. He hilariously even advertises his own Twitch account and showers praises upon himself through the guise of Cavill.

Reactions online to Henry Cavill's PC Video

HasanAbi's latest troll came as a reaction to Cavill's video of assembling a PC, which trended all over social media. Cavill posted the video to his Instagram account on the 16th of July in what marked his last appearance online.

You can read more about his video here

Since then, several people have reacted to 'Superman' assembling a PC and expressed their views on the same. Interestingly, HasanAbi himself tweeted about it on the same day:


Check out some of the other reactions below:


Henry Cavill, who starred in The Witcher, can also be spotted painting Warhammer figurines, pointing towards a distinct video game connection.

Though HasanNabi's latest video was played out in jest, it clearly indicates the potential impact Cavill's presence in the streaming world can have, if he ever decides to make a Twitch channel.

As evident from the tweets above, the hype surrounding Henry Cavill's Twitch debut just got a lot more real.

You can watch the entire 'Henry Cavill' Twitch stream below:

Published 03 Aug 2020, 18:12 IST
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