'Hi everybody, do you have your pants on?': Twitch streamer's protective dad has a warning for her viewers 

Image Credits: Twitchlonger/ YouTube
Image Credits: Twitchlonger/ YouTube

In a clip which has recently surfaced online, a Twitch streamer's father issues a strong word of caution to his daughter's followers, which leaves her quite embarrassed.

The streamer in question is miss_angeliquew, who at the beginning of the clip appears to be quite chirpy, where she greets and hugs her father on live stream. However, on finding out that his daughter is streaming, he doesn't appear to be too happy, as he seems to be contemplating what to say next.

What follows next is a hilarious and unexpected warning issued by her dad on the live stream, as he goes on to caution her viewers against indulging in any kind of 'inappropriate' behaviour during his daughter's stream.

Twitch streamer's dad has a message for her viewers


Miss-angeliquew is a Twitch streamer with almost 40K followers on the Amazon-owned platform.

She is a variety streamer who also happens to be a dancer. She can also be found interacting with her fans via Twitch's Just Chatting feature and streams games such as Among Us and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

She also happens to be a prominent figure on Instagram, where she has almost 50K followers.

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She is also an artist and has another Instagram page called The Crystalized Cult, where she designs an eclectic range of products that range from thank you cards to exotic skull carvings.

A clip of hers recently surfaced online, where her father decides to share an important word of caution to all her viewers watching

"Hi everybody, do you have your pants on? I'm very concerned , gotta make sure that you all have your pants on!"

Despite his daughter attempting to run away from him in embarrassment, he follows her and continues:

"Because this is my daughter and you better not be sitting there doing anything you shouldn't be doing while you're with my kid! "

With his hilarious warning, Miss_angeliquew's father ended up winning over the internet, who were quick to label him 'dad of the year':

Image Credits: Twitchlonger/ YouTube
Image Credits: Twitchlonger/ YouTube
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