Hitman 2 APK OBB for Android: Real or Fake?

(picture credits: secret apps, youtube)
(picture credits: secret apps, youtube)

The Hitman franchise has been one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful gaming franchises in the history of video games.

It is not only a favourite of the critics, it is also loved by the fans as well. The series features fan favourites such as Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

After the somewhat disappointing sales and reception of Hitman: Absolution, developers IO Interactive had to rethink their approach for the next game, Hitman.

This soft reboot of the franchise introduced a new episodic release structure, meaning the game would be released one level at a time. These levels were long, extremely detailed and encouraged replayability.

The 2016 Hitman game was received very well and was nominated for several Game of The Year Awards. So it was no surprise when IO announced that a sequel was already in the works.

Hitman 2: APK and OBB; Fake or Real?

Sites claiming to have the Android Version of Hitman 2
Sites claiming to have the Android Version of Hitman 2

After the huge success of Hitman 2 on PC and Consoles, several sites claimed to have "Hitman 2 APK and OBB" for the game on Android.

Several channels on Youtube even posted videos of supposedly the game running on an Android device.

However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Only two Hitman games have officially been released by the developers for Android, namely : Hitman: Go and Hitman Sniper.

Both of these games can be bought from the Play Store. It is advised to only purchase official apps from the Play Store as other sites can often unload infected files onto your devices under the guise of a game.

Hitman 2 was a huge success, and players obviously would want a hand-held version of the game. But both IO Interactive and WB Interactive Entertainment, have been quiet about an Android version of the game.

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