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How to craft a chainsaw in Rust: A beginner's guide to getting started

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A beginner's guide to chainsaw in Rust (Image via Facepunch Studios)
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Modified 10 Jan 2021, 00:26 IST

Rust is a 2013 released multiplayer-only survival game with a dynamic approach to crafting and mining for survival.

With an extremely interactive environment, the chainsaw makes for an ideal harvesting tool in Rust. However, building the chainsaw can be a little troublesome for players.

Before learning how to build a chainsaw, here are some additional details about the chainsaw that should help beginners and veterans.

  • The chainsaw requires low-grade fuel to operate. Players can hold a maximum of 50 fuel capacity in the chainsaw.
  • The chainsaw might require a few tries to get started.
  • The chainsaw is extremely efficient in chopping down trees as it pays no heed to the "sweet spot."
  • The chainsaw can also be used as a melee weapon to deal 12 damage per hit. The chainsaw has a DPS of 60 when used as a melee weapon.

Here's a detailed guide on how to craft a chainsaw in Rust.


Chainsaw in Rust

The most important thing players need to note is that they require a level two workbench to craft a chainsaw. Once players have a level two workbench in Rust, they will need to amass many items and scraps before they can craft the chainsaw. Here's what players require to craft a chainsaw in Rust:

  • The chainsaw Blueprint
  • Five pieces of high-quality metal
  • Two gears
  • Six metal blades

Players can collect all of the above items by looting crates and barrels. However, the blueprint can be a little tricky to find. There are three possible ways for players to find a blueprint in Rust. These methods are:

  • Finding them in crates and barrels
  • Experimenting on workbenches; and
  • Researching the item that they require a blueprint for.

Players can try any of the three methods mentioned to obtain the chainsaw blueprint in Rust. Once the player has all the items necessary to craft a chainsaw, they can do so on two workbench levels.

With player count constantly on the rise, Rust continues to grow eight years since its introduction. Any new player having trouble with their chainsaw should find these steps useful in their Rust journey.

Published 10 Jan 2021, 00:25 IST
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