How to delete a Genshin Impact account: A step-by-step guide to deleting an account permanently

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

Players can delete their miHoYo accounts by writing a mail requesting deletion of an account to the developers of Genshin Impact.

Players often use this feature to perform a complete reroll in Genshin Impact. Rerolling is a common idea in gacha games like Genshin Impact. It allows players to try their luck with the new account gifts and freebies.

Although players can perform this task by creating a new account using an alternate email ID, many prefer to reroll for better in-game items.

Deleting a Genshin Impact account will require the player to send an email to miHoYo from that account's registered email ID. The process can sometimes take as long as two months to execute.


How to delete a Genshin Impact account

Here are the steps to delete a Genshin Impact account:

  • Players need to have access to the email ID registered with the miHoYo account.
  • The player has to create a new draft from their email and address it to either "[email protected]" or "[email protected]."
  • The subject slot of the mail should read along the lines of "Request to delete MiHoYo account."
  • After the address and subject slots have been filled, the player will need to write the email. The mail should ideally contain a request for the developers, along with the player's account details.
  • Example:
"I don’t want to use my Mihoyo account anymore so; I would like you to delete my account permanently. Can you please delete my Mihoyo account?"
"Details of my Mihoyo account credentials are, [player's username] and [player's email id]"
  • Following that, players need to send the mail and wait for the developers to delete their accounts permanently.

There is no alternate method for Genshin Impact players to delete their accounts. This method does not apply to PlayStation players.

A PlayStation Network account is required to sync their Genshin Impact account. In order to delete the Genshin Impact account on the PS, players will have to delete their PSN accounts.