How to enable cross-platform in Fortnite: An ultimate guide

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Fortnite has genuinely become a cross-platform game, and users on a host of devices can play against each other. The title’s recent expansion to mobile devices has made it easier for players to keep up. This step is hugely beneficial in situations when Fortnite players do not have access to their primary setup.

Such a situation might arise when they need to travel, or have to send the device for repair. Players can then easily log in to their Fortnite account on another platform and collect the login and other rewards. Of course, to play matches against people using a different platform, you need to know how to enable cross-platform play in Fortnite.

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Enabling Fortnite cross-platform gaming

The game only allows cross-platform play against people who are in your friend list. This is important; otherwise, people using a console or PC can easily enter a mobile lobby and win the game.

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How to enable cross-platform feature on Xbox One and PS4

Enabling cross-platform play on an Xbox and a PS4 is relatively straightforward. Make sure that you have logged in to your Epic Games account, first and foremost.

1. Open the Fortnite menu by clicking on the X and Square button for Xbox One and PS4, respectively.

2. Click on the 'Add Friends' button, and enter your friend's in-game name or email id.

3. Once he/she accepts your request, they will show up on your friend's tab, and you can join a match with them.

You can follow the above method on your mobile device as well.

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How to enable cross-platform on PC or Mac?

You can follow the above method on your PC or Mac as well, but not on mobiles. However, you can add friends using the Epic Games Launcher.

1. Open the Epic Games Launcher, and click on the Friends tab.

2. Click on the 'Add a Friend' icon.

3. Enter your friend's Epic Games display name or email address, and click on Send.

4. Once your friend accepts the request, you can play with them using your in-game lobby.

That is it. Enabling cross-platform on different Fortnite devices is pretty straightforward. For further help, you can watch the video below:


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