How to enable DLSS or FSR in God of War PC

The PC port has both DLSS and FSR (Image via Youtube/Engineers Zone)
The PC port has both DLSS and FSR (Image via Youtube/Engineers Zone)

God of War has finally arrived on PC with the first installment of the Norse saga available on all significant sellers, including Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The 2018 release was initially launched exclusively on PlayStation 4 and then arrived on Sony's next-generation console. A PC port was announced last year, which justifiably garnered a lot of hyper in the community. The God of War series has churned out some of the best games ever made throughout its timeline.


The players get to play in the boots of Kratos, who is accompanied on the journey by his son Atreus. The two travel across the cold lands on their journey to Midgard. The game can now be played on PCs and released worldwide on January 14.

While the PC port has been given several hardware upgrades to match the current times, one of the best available features is its support for both NVIDIA and AMD's upscaling feature.

God of War PC supports both DLSS and FSR

Modern GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD both have their respective upscaling technologies. NVIDIA calls it the Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), while AMD has named it Fidelity FX Super Response (FSR).

Due to the beautiful work done by Jetpack Interactive, PC players will not have to get a separate graphics card to destroy the world with Kratos' ax. PC ports support both FSR and DLSS, but both have to be enabled from within the game.

How to turn on DLSS in God of War PC?

Turning on the DLSS in the game is quite simple. The player has to go to Settings and display. Locate the choice of resolution scaling from where DLSS can be chosen.

Running the game with DLSS on is quite valuable as, according to Nvidia, players will enjoy up to a 45% boost in performance while playing the game in 4K.


How to turn on FSR in God of War PC?

The way to enable FSR is pretty simple, just like DLSS. This option can be accessed from the Display option within Settings. Under Resolution Scaling, FSR is the second option, right under the DLSS option.

There are also internal upscaling options that players can choose from. With AMD's FSR supporting several NVIDIA cards, there are plenty of ways to tweak the game's performance for the players.

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