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How to find the 8-digit stadium access code in COD: Warzone

Image via Infinity Ward
Image via Infinity Ward
Tee Kay
Modified 07 Jan 2021, 19:23 IST

COD: Warzone's Season 5 update witnessed multiple changes to the map, including a notable revamp of the Stadium.

What was previously just a cheeky spot for players to camp inside, the stadium has turned into a fully-featured and loot-filled location on COD: Warzone's map.

The stadium revamp also saw the introduction of a bunker-like room to the building. Accessing said bunker is an extremely tricky task that allows the player to obtain the Enigma Warzone(CR-56 AMAX) blueprint.

To access the bunker-like room in the stadium, players will need to find an eight-digit access code that changes in every match. However, finding three disappearing keycards to obtain the final code can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, when tried alone. Players are advised to try this objective only when playing with a team.

Here's how to find the eight-digit access code to enter the Executive Suite and obtain the Enigma Warzone blueprint in COD: Warzone.

COD: Warzone Stadium Access Code

To gain the eight-digit access code to the stadium in COD: Warzone players need to find all three keycards for doors EL21(Top, Executive Level), P216(Parking level), and CL19(Middle, concourse level).


These keycards can be extremely tricky to find as they spawn across the stadium in the form of random loot. However, these keycards only appear for a small duration, and players have reported that said keycards disappear when not collected for a long duration.

On top of that, players can only carry one keycard at a time, thus making it extremely essential to play with a team. Finding all three keycards also requires a bit of luck, as they all appear as random loot drops inside the stadium. However, once the keycard is found, the player needs to head over to the designated room for the card.

The stadium in COD: Warzone (Image via Infinity Ward)
The stadium in COD: Warzone (Image via Infinity Ward)

All three of the concerned rooms contain a computer which reveals a eight-digit code. However, the entire code cannot be obtained unless the player goes through all the three rooms. This is because the codes displayed on the computer screens are camouflaged with symbols. All the three codes combine to reveal one eight-digit code.

The final eight-digit code revealed from noting all the three camouflaged codes unlocks the Executive Suite. Players can obtain a random gun from the pile present on the table inside the room. Additionally, players can also obtain the CR-56 AMAX Enigma Warzone Blueprint in COD: Warzone.

Published 07 Jan 2021, 19:23 IST
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