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How to get 4000 raw meat in Genshin Impact in one hour

Raw Meat info
Raw Meat info
Modified 28 Jan 2021

Raw meat in Genshin Impact is one of the most necessary and challenging ingredients to obtain. To obtain raw meat, players have to hunt down wild boars, foxes, snow foxes, squirrels; purchase it from "Draff the hunter," or complete Mondstadt expeditions.

All these methods require patience. Recently, a Genshin Impact YouTuber shocked fans by posting a video on obtaining over 4000 raw meat every hour. The method requires the exploiting of a bug.

Requirements to farm 4000 raw meat in Genshin Impact

One of the most popular Genshin Impact content creators, "TAKA GG," posted the method to obtain 4000 raw meat within an hour.

  1. The player must be above adventure rank 40 to unlock and complete Ganyu's story quest.
  2. The player must have completed the "Fishing for Jades" quest but not the "Return Of the Jade chamber" quest.
  3. The player must have two to three co-op teammates with long-range combat characters to hunt down boars.
  4. The host must ensure that the weather is normal to continue respawning boars. Rainy or stormy weather will prevent boars from respawning.
(Image credits: Taka GG)
(Image credits: Taka GG)

Method to get 4000 Raw meat in Genshin Impact:

  1. Unlock and complete "Ganyu's story quest."
  2. When the "Return of the jade chamber" quest is available, players should proceed with the mission until they're asked to "Chase the boars."
  3. While chasing boars, players will be instructed to proceed to the three marked circles to complete the event. Players only have to attend two of them and shouldn't proceed into the last circle.
  4. Head towards the circle and let co-op teammates join in to hunt the boars. After hunting, the raw meat must not be picked up, and the teammates must return to single-player mode.
  5. When the teammates re-join the host's world, the boars will respawn, allowing them to get more raw meat. Repeating the 4th and 5th steps will allow players to get over 1000 meat every hour. At maximum efficiency, a four-player team can get 4000 raw meat in Genshin Impact.

Since this method requires exploiting a bug, miHoYo might take action against players exploiting the bug. There has been no noticeable action taken against players so far, but they must be wary of the risks.

Published 28 Jan 2021, 17:30 IST
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