How to get Fire and Water Motes in New World

Image via Amazon Games
Image via Amazon Games
Brandon Moore

Like most other MMO titles, crafting is a huge aspect of Amazon Games' most recent project, New World.

There is so much to do and see in the New World setting of Aeternum. You can interact with other players, join a faction to take part in wars, and collect resources in a variety of ways.

A set of very important resources found in New World are Motes. There are a handful of different ways to acquire it, but the most common and important seem to be the Fire and Water Motes thus far.

How to get Motes in New World

Image via Amazon Games
Image via Amazon Games

Motes can be used to create a variety of items in New World. Upgrades can be made with motes and crafting a lot of different furniture requires them. They aren't extremely rare, but do require some searching and some grinding.

Fire Motes

Image via Amazon Games
Image via Amazon Games

Fire Motes are obtained by harvesting Dragonglory flowers. These appear around the map in multiple locations, but it isn't exactly clear where they are more or less common in New World.

Windsward is a good place to start on your search for the flower, however. Travel there and make sure you have a level 30 harvesting skill. You will also need a harvesting tool, such as a sickle.

If you harvest the Dragonglory flower and receive Fire Essence, don't worry. Fire Essence is the upgraded version of Fire Mote in New World, so you actually harvested a better item.

Water Motes

Image via Amazon Games
Image via Amazon Games

Harvesting Water Motes in New World is similar to harvesting Fire Motes. It requires you to find a specific plant. In this case, the plant needed is the Rivercrest plant.

Rivercrests float in water and are found around the ends of rivers and other water sources in the game. You will need a harvesting tool like a sickle as well, to obtain Water Motes from this blue flora.

A high level harvesting skill is required in this instance too. Once you have it, head to the end of any body of water throughout Aeternum. You will surely find some Rivercrest there to obtain Water Motes.

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