How to get Liquid Cooling in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Players of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands can get Liquid Cooling, the Skulldugger manufactured pistol that can fire near-endlessly while the user is scoring critical hits (Image via Joltzdude139/YouTube)
Players of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands can get Liquid Cooling, the Skulldugger manufactured pistol that can fire near-endlessly while the user is scoring critical hits (Image via Joltzdude139/YouTube)

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is a Looter Shooter spin-off from the Borderlands series. As such, players will be running, gunning, and finding lots of loot.

Even though it is a D&D-inspired fantasy world, there are still plenty of guns that players can find that have some rather interesting effects. One of these weapons is called Liquid Cooling, a pistol that thrives off of critical hits. Here's where players can get it.

How players can get Liquid Cooling in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands


Players will find Liquid Cooling, a Legendary Pistol manufactured by Skulldugger, to be an interesting addition to their arsenal. Since this item is manufactured by Skulldugger, it has an unlimited magazine size, but can overheat in use. Liquid Cooling's effect does not let it overheat when scoring critical hits, so players hitting a lot of criticals can fire this weapon for an extremely long time.

Completing the prerequisite quests to farm Liquid Cooling

In order for players to start their farming for Liquid Cooling, they need to have completed the quest “Ballad of Bones,” which will take them through Wargtooth Shallows. Once completed, they will have to make their way to the farming area called Crackmast Cove and find the mini-boss named Lissa, who will be able to drop the Liquid Cooling weapon.

Finding Lissa in Crackmast Cove

To make it to Crackmast Cove to find Lissa, players will need to head to the left after exiting Wargtooth Shallows. After they head up the hill, they will find the entrance to Crackmast Cove. Once inside, players will want to head down the path until they get to a clearing. Inside the clearing, they should head to the right of the area and follow the path until they come up on a waterfall.

Obtaining the Liquid Cooling Weapon in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

On reaching the waterfall, players should go through it. After they come out the other side, they will notice a large obelisk, where they will have to fight Lissa, the mini-boss who can drop Liquid Cooling. Players will be able to farm this boss over and over again after defeating her for a higher chance at getting Liquid Cooling to drop.

The best strategy for farming the boss for Liquid Cooling


Players who want to farm this boss will want to ensure that they bring a weapon capable of dealing with armor (poison damage) as well as a source of cold damage to the skeletons.

This is because Lissa's armor (yellow bar) will take extra damage from poison damage, and the skeletons will be hurt more by cold damage. Players who bring these two damage types will have an easier time.

A great spell for farming for Liquid Cooling

Players looking for a reliable source of two types of damage that can make farming multiple bosses easier (Zomboss especially) should look for the Legendary Spell Twister. This spell shoots a spiraling beam of two damage types.


In this case, players would want poison and cold damage. This would cover both damage types in a single spell, and players could use whichever weapon they wanted.

Increasing Loot Luck in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Finally, players will want to do all that they can to increase their Loot Luck stats. This stat increases the chance that players will find epic and legendary quality items.

Players can increase their Loot Luck by finding the Lucky Dice scattered throughout the world, playing on higher Chaos levels, and activating the Shrine of Aaron G (RNG). This should help players find legendaries much more easily.

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