How to level up Adventurer Rank in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact's Adventure Rank system gradually unlocks more quests, Domain challenges, and the ability to raise players' World Level.

A sound pulse on the game is, if players have run out of things to do, they need to increase their Adventure Rank. Increasing the rank can be tedious if players do not know the best ways to earn Adventure EXP.

Raising Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact

Adventurer's Handbook Experience

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A feature many new Genshin Impact players forget to take advantage of is the Adventurer's Handbook. Accessed from the quick menu or the Paimon menu, each section of the Adventurer's Handbook contains multiple chapters.

Once a player completes a chapter's tasks, the next chapter is unlocked. Each task rewards players 100 Adventure EXP, and is relatively easy to satisfy. If players have ignored Genshin Impact's Adventurer's Handbook, there is a good chance many of the tasks are ready to claim, thereby landing a sweet boost of EXP.

Explore Genshin Impact's map

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One of the most rewarding ways to earn Adventure EXP is to explore the map. Genshin Impact has a large, beautiful world filled with memorable NPCs, grandiose landmarks, Domains, teleport waypoints, and Statues of the Seven.

Discovering new domains, waypoints, and statues will earn valuable Adventure EXP, as will offering any Anemoculus or Geoculus orbs players find along the way at a Statue of the Seven.

Complete Genshin Impact's quests

The more quests players complete, the more Adventure EXP they will earn. Most quests are non-repeatable, so once a player has run out of quests to complete, they will likely need to perform other tasks to raise their Adventure Rank to obtain more.

Still, completing every quest available to players as they become available, will go a long way into increasing their Adventure Rank.

Challenge Domains

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By completing Domain challenges, players earn a fair amount of Adventure EXP. The amount earned varies by domain and at what level players challenge them. Domains start to unlock around Adventure Rank 12, with repeatable challenges opening at Adventure Rank 16.

The best part about these is that they can be performed multiple times for Adventure EXP and loot. These require Original Resin, but players have 160 free Original Resin to spend per 24-hour period.

Genshin Impact's daily commissions

Adventurer's Guild
Adventurer's Guild

Once players reach Adventure Level 12, they will be able to undertake four daily commissions through the Adventure Guild each day. Each of these provides Adventure EXP, as well as Primogems. Once players finish each day, they can talk with Katheryne at the Adventurer's Guild in Mondstadt or Liyue for a 500 Adventure EXP bonus.

Commissions usually take around 15-30 minutes to complete, making the time investment for the Adventure EXP earn exceptionally profitable. All four commissions, plus the bonus, will net Genshin Impact players 1300 total Adventure EXP.

Defeat Genshin Impact's bosses

Andruis the Wolf
Andruis the Wolf

By checking the "bosses" tab in their Adventurer's Handbook, players can hunt Ley Line bosses, elite bosses, and weekly bosses for 100, 200, and 300 Adventure EXP, respectively. Players can fight bosses multiple times, as long as they have enough Original Resin to claim the rewards.

Have Fun

Genshin Impact is a wonderfully rich game that players can fully enjoy without much grinding. Each of the several routes to earning Adventure EXP is fulfilling in different ways, so players can pick their favorites to work on first and enjoy the process instead of having it feel like work.

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