How old is Bennett in Genshin Impact

Everything to know about Bennett in Genshin Impact
Everything to know about Bennett in Genshin Impact

Bennett is a four-star rated pyro-elemental character in Genshin Impact. He wields a sword and has a unique birthday.

Bennett was discovered as an orphan by an elderly adventurer. Bennett has a reputation for being extremely unfortunate, having been left as the final member of Benny's Adventure Team. However, that hasn't deterred Bennett's determination to keep going.

Bennett was born on February 29th, making him a leap year baby. Although Bennett's actually 16 years old, some might argue that he's just 4 years old. Despite being one of the younger characters in Genshin Impact, Bennett's unique abilities are extremely handy in certain situations and quests.

Bennett in Genshin Impact

Bennett's a young man in Genshin Impact, often entangled in scrapes owing to his misfortunes. Bennett has pale grey hair, slightly tanned skin, and bright green eyes. The pyro-elemental character also has a prominent scar on his left shoulder, presumably endured during an adventure.

Bennett's abilities in Genshin Impact are:

  • Passion Overload - Bennett's elemental skill shoots a single flame strike, which deals Pyro damage on impact. Can be charged to strike twice and launch opponents into the air. Can be charged further to strike three times and deal massive bursts of pyro damage before causing an eruption.
  • Fantastic Voyage - Bennett's elemental burst ability allows the character to perform a jumping attack, which creates an Inspiration Field for a duration of 12 seconds. Allies and Bennett himself benefit greatly from the effects of the Inspiration Field. From regenerating health to granting an attack damage bonus, the field can be crucial during certain quests.

Bennett is very useful when playing co-op with other characters that can sync well with the pyro-character. The character's misfortunes can be attributed to his lack of experience and youth.

Nevertheless, Bennett is a very compelling character in Genshin Impact.

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