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How to summon and defeat Bonemass in Valheim

(Image via Iron Gate AB)
(Image via Iron Gate AB)
Modified 11 Feb 2021

The third boss to appear in Valheim, Bonemass, poses quite a threat to players and can be extremely hard to defeat without meticulous preparation.

Before heading over to summon and defeat Bonemass, players will have to defeat the first two bosses in Valheim. These bosses are:

  • Eikthyr - The first boss in Valheim
  • Elder - The second boss in Valheim

Once the player has defeated both bosses, they will be able to summon Bonemass.

To summon Bonemass in Valheim, players will have to offer 10 Withered Bones as a sacrifice. Players can collect the Withered Bones inside the Sunken Crypts chests located around the swamp biomes in Valheim.

Bonemass in Valheim


To summon Valheim, players will first need to ensure that they have the required number of Withered Bones in their inventory. Additionally, players also need to ensure that they are in possession of the key that was dropped by the second boss.

After this, the player needs to head over to the Skull Altar located inside the swamp biome.

Players will need to offer 10 Withered Bones as a sacrifice at the altar, which will result in Bonemass appearing. Defeating Bonemass can be a little tricky as the third boss takes extremely low damage from certain weapons.

The list of weapons that deal a decent amount of damage to Bonemass are:

  • Iron Mace
  • Wooden Club
  • Stagbreaker
  • Frost Arrows

Players are also advised to try and take down Bonemass while playing on the same server with others to make the job a bit easier. It is also recommended that players use Poison Resistance Meads to lower the amount of damage they take.

Players are also advised to maintain a safe distance from Bonemass when the boss goes on an aggressive spree.

Bonemass is extremely vulnerable to any form of blunt damage. Iron Mace and Wooden Clubs are the ideal to defeat one of the most difficult foes in Valheim.

Published 11 Feb 2021, 21:03 IST
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