How to bhop or bunny hop in Valorant

  • When dealing with CC utilities, knowing how to bunny hop can be very useful in Valorant.
  • Bunny hopping successfully is hard, and will require a tremendous amount of practice and patience.
Modified 11 May 2020, 14:09 IST
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If you’re familiar with first-person shooters like Quake, Apex Legends, and CS: GO, then you will know what ‘bunny hopping’ is. The technique is integral to the core movement mechanics of such games.

Bunny hopping is pretty much an ‘exploit’ that allows players to break the speed limit that is defined by a particular game. While some game developers, like in CS: GO, whole-heartedly accept and even promote this exploit, others like in Call of Duty do not. 

And Valorant, much like CS: GO, embraces the bunny hop exploit. However, the exploit is pretty different in Valorant to what it is in CS: GO.

In GO, you will be able to cover a large portion of the map by bunny hopping in just a few seconds, but in Valorant, the covered distance is not nearly as impressive. 

However, that being said, the bunny hop is still going to be an essential skill to pick up in Valorant, and in certain scenarios, it can come up clutch and help you win losing rounds.

What exactly is bunny hopping?

Air strafing is key: Credits: Reddit thread r/VALORANT
Air strafing is key: Credits: Reddit thread r/VALORANT

Before we get into the core mechanics of bunny hopping, let’s first take a look at what exactly this exploit is and how it basically functions.

The bunny hopping exploit is all about using air strafing, and gaining movement velocity. As a result, it becomes possible to propel the character forward much faster than the ‘game-defined’ speed limit.


And to be able to successfully pull it off (when required), in both your Unrated and Competitive matches, will require a lot of practice and patience. Bunny hopping is like a skill check for newer players. It’s quite an advanced strategy which you will find a lot of adept players constantly abusing in their games.

How do you bunny hop in Valorant?

To be able to successfully pull off a bunny hop, you first need to be very familiar with air strafing. Now, air strafing is an in-game mechanic in shooters like Valorant, where you jump and fall at a spot while simultaneously moving your cross-hair in a particular direction and pressing the corresponding strafe key.

If you're moving your mouse to the right, then you’re pressing D, and if to the left, then you’re pressing A. This will, as a result, generate a small amount of velocity that will help propel your character faster than the defined speed limit. 

Only when you get the hang of air strafing, and can do it more consistently, should you move on to the more advanced bunny hops. These will require you to combine left and right air strafes in quick succession.

You can start by jumping and then pressing A while pointing the mouse to the left, and as soon as you land, you jump again, but this time, you press D while moving the cross-hair to the right. It’s important to continue the process over and over again till you get the proper hang of it and are able to do it in your games.

There is no other shortcut to this other than practising it in custom games every day. However, you can make it a bit easier and bind your jumps to the scroll wheel instead of your space-bar. A lot of professional players and streamers use jump on their scroll wheels instead, as it’s much easier to time the hops while scrolling.

How to properly use bunny hops in Valorant?


It’s important to mention here, that unlike in CS: GO, gaining velocity while jumping on the spot is not going to do you much good in Valorant. As the distance covered from the momentum is not too significant, you can entirely do without bunny hopping if your goal is to move around the map faster. 

A failed bunny hop movement can even slow you down significantly in Valorant. Hence, in this shooter, the cons of the exploit pretty much outweigh the pros.

However, bunny hopping is rather useful during certain situations in Valorant, and this is the reason why it’s worth learning.

Valorant comes with agents who have a lot of crowd control abilities or utilities like a Sage’s ‘Slow Orb’, a Brimstone’s ‘Incendiary’, and a Phoenix’s ‘Hot Hands’. Bunny hopping will be able to help you move through them very fast, and if you time the hops perfectly, you might even avoid taking any sort of damage.

The enemy CC not being able to affect you is a great advantage to have, which can literally turn the tide of the round in your favour.

Published 11 May 2020, 14:09 IST
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