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League of Legends: How To Play League Of Legends? Get Your Basics Right 

Kuldeep Thapa
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League of Legends is one the most played game of all time. The game was released back in 2009 and has never looked back since then. In 2017 it was reported that 80 million people play league on monthly basis and 27 million players play every single day.

This is just a crazy number and shows how much popular league is despite the fact that market nowadays is flooded with top-notch games. The league scene is still growing and attracting new players every day.

This being said League of Legends is one of the hardest game to get into. The tricky learning curve and hefty game mechanics often tend to make new players scratch their head. Unlike FPS(First person Shooting) games where the game macro is relatively straight forward League of Legends which is a MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ) is very confusing and has several layers to its actual gameplay. This guide is meant to help new players who are thinking to dive into some League action.

Main Objective :

The map which is also referred as Summoner's rift is divided into two halves generally called Red side and Blue side. Each side has 5 players and both the sides have similar structures which are known as turrets. At the heart of both side there is a giant stone which is called as Nexus. The main objective of both the team is to destroy other team's Nexus and whoever does it first wins the game. Both the teams try to destroy the nexus while defending their own.

Controlling your champion :

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# To move your champion use right click at any location.

# To attack any enemy unit left click on it

# Every champions have 4 abilities with a few exceptions. These abilities can be used Using button Q,W,E and R(default). Press any button for a specific ability and then click on target.

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