Huge PUBG rumour quashed by a newly surfaced video

  • In a Youtube video it is shown that you might have shot first in PUBG but your opponent could shoot later than you and still kill you in the game.
  • In the said video it is further stated that low and high pings impact the rest of the PUBG game-play too.
Mohit Kumar
Modified 23 May 2020, 14:59 IST


High ping internet doesn’t give you an advantage in PUBG! Yes, you have heard that right! In fact, it is the other way round.

A common notion among PUBG players is that the one with the higher internet ping gets the advantage of spotting the enemy first and firing at them. This idea is not completely new to shooters since the problem of latency has plagued online players for a while. This belief is especially strong in the PUBG community.

Source: Android with RK
Source: Android with RK

But the notion does not appear to be true.

Is High ping advantage a hoax in PUBG Mobile?

In a YouTube video titled ‘High Ping Advantage a Hoax? Low System Latency The Real Advantage?’ by the gaming channel ‘Battle (non)sense’, it can be seen that the player with low ping gets the advantage as the shots he/she made hits opponents with a higher ping first.

The user emulated the network lag to demonstrate this and contrasted it with the unaffected gameplay. Ironically enough, research by ‘Battle (non-sense)’ only concerns PUBG due to its unique online functionality and infrastructure of the game.

Although the player with a high ping may see the enemy first, it won't be of much use as it all depends on whose shot is first registered in the PUBG servers.

High-ping data takes more time to reach the server than data coming from a low ping. So, even though a player with a higher ping might have shot first, the opponent with a low ping can shoot and kill the former earlier.

Source: TechnoRivals
Source: TechnoRivals

The YouTuber further states that low and high pings impact the rest of the PUBG game-play too. For example, when you pick up a loot in the game, the high ping player takes more time compared to the low ping player.

Published 23 May 2020, 14:59 IST
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