Huge update on Stardew Valley's release on Google Play Store

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Gautam Nath

The hit indie game Stardew Valley by indie developers ConcernedApe will finally have its Android port soon. We knew this was happening since they announced it back in October, but it's finally up for pre-registration on Google Play. We don't have an exact date on when that is happening, but we also have confirmation from ConcernedApe via a blog post announcement.

Stardew Valley recently got ports to the Nintendo Switch and on iOS App Store as well. From this, we know that the Android app will cost $7.99 (local currencies in other regions may vary) because it costs the same for both. Players can port over their save games from PC to the mobile version, without losing their save game data.

The mobile version of Stardew Valley will feature the same elements from the PC port in the story. You can grow crops, raise cattle, be a part of your community, find your special someone and explore caves for various rewards. The only things that will not be available on the Android version (just like the iOS version) are Multiplayer and mods.

So if you are transferring your data from PC to mobile, it will not retain save games from modded games. The iOS version was tested for bugs and gameplay. It was recently hit with an update where you can pinch to zoom out from your farm to have a bigger view of the overworld. There will also be some touch control options as well as saving the game just by exiting the app.

Stardew Valley is an indie game released in 2016, inspired by the Harvest Moon series for the Gameboy. It has been praised for the huge amounts of content and replayability it has for an indie game. It has improved upon many features that were not present in the Harvest Moon series.

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