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New game from Just Cause creators has more than 5 million players

The game The Hunter reaches milestone of 5 million players.

News 01 Mar 2015, 16:49 IST
A screenshot from the game The Hunter

The Hunter a game created by the Avalanche Studios, the same people who created the game Just Cause has reached a milestone of 5 million registered users. The Hunter is “the largest virtual hunting community in the world” according to the developers. The game is a free-to-play, open world game which allows players to connect with one another and hunt in groups. Although the game was released in 2009, the game’s popularity escalated drastically in the last two years. 

The game’s milestone had a few incredible stats to go with it that would leave anybody awestruck. Some of the stats given below, are an accumulation of Hunters events since the game has been launched.

  • They have walked 72 million kilometres.
  • They have spent more than 2,500 years in the game.
  • They have shot on target at least 63 million time, but on the other hand they have missed more than 50 million times.
  • They have found more than 240,000 chanterelles, located 1826 golden eggs, and stumbled upon 54 million piles of turd.

The game which recently released its Australian Expansion called the "Bushranger's Run" adds animals like Kangaroos to the game. Kangaroos according to the developers are the most agile and fastest animals in the game making them really hard to hunt. Apart from this new addition the developers are working on a The Hunter: Primal where the hunter can hunt pre-historic animals like dinosaurs. Even though such an endeavour would take a lot of man power, the developers claim that it will not affect the regular game. 

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