"If you want a sequel, buy the original at f****** full price": Comments from Days Gone's game director spark outrage within the community

(Image via PlayStation Store)
(Image via PlayStation Store)

The gaming community was set ablaze with all sorts of conversations around Days Gone, PlayStation, and Sony when news broke of a sequel being canceled. The sequel in question was Days Gone 2, which would have been a pretty exciting follow-up to a game that eventually rose to the level of a slow-starter hit.

Days Gone was released in 2018 to a relatively lukewarm reception from fans and critics. The major complaints centered around its unpolished nature and persistent bugs that took away from the game's best aspects.

During a recent conversation with David Jaffe (creator of God of War) on his YouTube channel, Days Gone director John Garvin made some interesting comments.

Although he prefaced his comments by saying it might spark a lot of backlash, he was ultimately sincere and forthcoming in his opinion. He said that,

"If fans do want a sequel to their beloved games, then they should buy the original at "f****** full price."

Comments from Days Gone's game director spark debate within the community


The gaming community let out a collective sigh when they heard Bend Studio's pitch for a Days Gone sequel was rejected. Garvin, who has since parted ways with Sony Bend, opined about Days Gone not getting a sequel. He said,

"I do have an opinion on something that your audience may find of interest, and it might piss some of them off,"

He continued that,

"If you love a game, buy it at f****** full price. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen gamers say, ‘yeah, I got that on sale, I got it through PS Plus, whatever. I’m just saying, you don’t, but don’t complain if a game doesn’t get a sequel if it wasn’t supported at launch."

The gaming community didn't take kindly to these comments, especially given the patchwork state in which Days Gone was launched.

While some felt that the comments were a little misguided, others were relatively sympathetic to his sentiments.

Garvin himself came out to defend his comments, explaining that he wasn't referring exclusively to Days Gone. His statement could be construed as games not getting sequels unless they are profitable for the publisher.

Responses to his tweets were divided, to say the least.

With AAA games getting more expensive, as evidenced by the $70 PS5 titles, perhaps the revenue model needs rethinking.

Xbox has been making major headway with the Game Pass, which has often been beneficial to players and developers. As a result of being on Game Pass, even smaller titles have higher visibility and eventually find an audience.

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