India takes over Dr DisRespect's LiveStream as Sc0ut OP fans pour in thousands

Dr Disrespect and Scout
Dr Disrespect and Scout
Rishabh B.

A few days ago, Dr DisRespect announced a collaboration with Indian PUBG Mobile streamer Tanmay “Scout” Singh. The live stream was scheduled to begin at 10:30 pm IST on Friday. Both the streamers are known for their rather dynamic fan bases.

While Dr DisRespect’s fans are collectively referred to as the ‘Champion’s Club’, this was the first time the ‘Scout OP army’ saw such a major collaboration. As it often happens, the stream did not begin exactly on time.

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While Dr Disrespect had his elaborate introduction which started playing at around 10:50 IST, Scout hopped into a quick COD:Warzone game to while off the time. Further, the duo clearly hadn’t figured out how they'd be connecting with each other, and spent around fifteen minutes figuring it out.

Until then, we saw the two chatting with their fans, while quite a few of Scout’s fans decided to take over the Doc’s live chat.

PUBGM Player Sc0ut OP's fan swarm Dr Disrespect's chat
PUBGM Player Sc0ut OP's fan swarm Dr Disrespect's chat

Dr Disrespect peaks at 104k, while Sc0ut OP hits 128k concurrent viewers.

Currently, Dr DisRespect’s live stream is being watched by more than 80,000 people. His stream noticed a sudden influx of Indian fans, and even commented upon the difference in currency. As it turned out, Doc wasn’t aware what the Indian currency was called. Fortunately, hundreds of fans were there to tell him.

Regardless, he even gave a shoutout to an Indian fan who was trying to promote his six year old son’s ‘PUBG Mobile channel’.

In the past we have seen the ‘Binod’ meme being spammed on Dr Disrespect’s live chat, something which happened again. Nonetheless, Doc welcomed his Indian fans, and said: “‘We got India, making their way inside of the Arena”.

Image Credits: Dr DisRespect,
Image Credits: Dr DisRespect,

Further, he commented that he has always wanted to see India, and decided that he would visit the country in a year or two.

In classic Doc fashion, he also mentions that he would be flying over in a private jet. Around the same time Scout’s fans had taken over the chat, and wanted the Doc to connect with the streamer on Discord.

Once the two finally connected, they chit-chatted for a little while before jumping into a game. As it turned out, Dr Disrespect had quite a few questions about PUBG Mobile, and appeared rather amused by the game's large user base. He also wanted to know whether a PUBG Mobile gamer like Sc0ut can adjust to PC gaming, and how that transition would happen.

Image Credits: Scout,
Image Credits: Scout,

At the time of writing, Dr Disrespect and Scout had entered their first COD game.

However, it did not go as planned, even if the Doc was supremely confident that it would. He muttered that he is experiencing a high ping of 300, and said it was no big deal.

The two got eliminated within minutes, and the lost the Jailbreak. But the Champions club leader doesn't give in that easy. Dr Disrespect quickly brushed it off as 'just warm-up' as he continues to play more games.


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