Indian PUBG Mobile Team Funky Monkey - Everything You Need To Know 

Funky Monkey
Funky Monkey

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 was an esports event organized by PUBG Mobile in India. The event had more than 700 squads from all over the country with 20 best teams progressing to the mega finale which was held in Hyderabad.

Team Soul was declared champions in a finale which had some breathtaking gameplay including Soul Mortal's insane kill with a grenade. The finale also threw light on some new teams who showed tremendous gameplay and skills. Among them was a team "Funky Monkey."

Funky Monkey finished third in the tournament garnering a total of 1710 points with 23 kills in the finale. These guys started playing PUBG Mobile during their free time and who knew that this will make them one of the best PUBG Mobile teams of India.

Funky Monkey Clan

Funky Monkey is a small clan and no one knew a lot about them. But after their splendid performance at the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019, they surely have bigger plans for their clan.

Their main lineup boosts of experienced PUBG Mobile players who have been playing the game since PUBG Mobile Season 1.

Aman Gandhi, the clan leader, also known as Clown is the one who calls the shots during matches and his decisions have been instrumental in taking Funky Monkey to the grand finale. Clown is from Punjab and has just graduated from college.

The second player from the line up is Sabyasachi Mondal aka "MajorAlpha." The boy from Kolkata has plans to start a career in streaming of games while he continues his studies.

Third player is Vishal Thakur or better known as "Gunda." The Himachal boy has his own business but is also looking to have a career on gaming as he plans to start streaming of various games.

The fourth player in the lineup is CaptainXD, or Syed Riyaz. He's from Hyderabad and is currently pursuing engineering.

While these guys continue their studies, they have been continuously working on improving their skills in the game. They have struck a perfect balance between studies and playing PUBG Mobile, an example for all others who aspire to play as well as do well in their studies.

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